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Shijun Cheng: Squaring Off Over R&D Spending (12/18/2003)

Michelle Hanlon: Firms are Willing to Pay Taxes on Fraudulent Earnings to Avoid Suspicion (3/31/2003)
Linking Executive Option Stock Grants to Future Firm Performance (9/16/2003)

Douglas Skinner: Earnings "Torpedoes" Can Sink Growth Stocks (4/17/2003)
Fewer Firms Issue Dividends, But More Is Doled Out (12/10/2003)

Richard Sloan: Wall Street Analysts Routinely Inflate Stock Prices (6/3/2003)

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E. Han Kim: Investors Value Firms that Disclose More (3/18/2003)

George Siedel: Using the Law to Gain Competitive Advantage (12/8/2003)

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Keith Crocker: Reducing Accident Costs Versus Frequency (4/7/2003)

Joel Slemrod: "Blurry Lines" Separate Legitimate and Illegitimate Tax Handling (6/12/2003)
Tax Cut Plan May Have Little Impact on U.S. Economy (7/31/2003)

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Sreedhar Bharath: Industry Financial Health Impacts Recovery Rates on Defaulted Securities (10/29/2003)

David Brophy: Examining Critical Factors for a Private Equity-Backed Health Care Community (10/7/2003)

H. Nejat Seyhun: "Chinese Walls" Fail to Curb Conflicts of Interest in Securities Firms (2/13/2003)
Options Traders Must Watch Stock Market Momentum (8/25/2003)

Tyler Shumway: Many Investors Can Beat the Market (4/15/2003)

Clemens Sialm, Marcin Kacperczyk and Lu Zheng: Concentrated Mutual Funds Perform Better, Michigan Business School Study Shows (11/17/2003)

Anjan Thakor: "Sunflower" Management Can Distort Decision-Making (5/12/2003)

Guojun Wu: Stock Manipulation Creates Havoc for Investors (3/21/2003)

Kathy Yuan: International Investors' Actions Contributed to Spreading Market Crisis (9/8/2003)

Lu Zheng: Mutual Fund Operating Expenses are Often Overlooked (3/13/2003)

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Dana Muir: New Book Provides Easy-to-Use Guide to Employment Law (9/15/2003)

Lynda Oswald: Corporate Officers Run Risk of Broad Personal Liability for Patent Infringement (11/19/2003)
Resolving the Controversy Over Third-party Challenges to Allegedly Scandalous or Disparaging Trademarks (12/8/2003)

Cindy Schipani: Multinationals Promote Professional Development of Women (6/27/2003)

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Wayne Baker: Turning De-energizers into Energizers (5/29/2003)

Kim Cameron: Virtuous Firms Perform Better (7/9/2003)

Kim Cameron, Jane Dutton and Robert Quinn: New Book Explores the Power of POS (8/20/2003)

Jane Dutton: Discovering Your "Best Self" Helps Improve Professional and Personal Performance (9/24/2003)
Cascading Effects of Compassion Impact Employees and Workplaces (10/27/2003)

Jeffrey Sanchez-Burks: American Workways: How They Sabotage Cross-cultural Communications on the Job (8/6/2003)

Kathleen Sutcliffe: Reversing a "Disquieting Trend" in Patient Safety (12/12/2003)

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Claes Fornell: ACSI: Customer Satisfaction Down a Bit; Consumer Spending Should Improve (2/18/2003)
ACSI: Customer Satisfaction Rebounds Sharply (5/21/2003)
ACSI: Customer Satisfaction Holds Steady (8/20/2003)
Customer Satisfaction Gains Not Enough to Sustain Recent Spending Growth (11/20/2003)

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Izak Duenyas and Roman Kapuscinski: Balancing Demand Information and Outsourcing (7/7/2003)

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C. Fritz Foley: Stronger Patent Protection Leads to Innovation and Tech Transfer (10/20/2003)

Michael Jensen: Customer Ties and Status Help Firms Entering New Markets (10/17/2003)

James Walsh: Research Reflects Changing Views about the Purpose of Business (10/3/2003)

Lynn Wooten: Diversity Management Hinges on Firm's Learning Capabilities (3/27/2003)
Reaping the Benefits of Constructive Organizational Cultures (10/8/2003)

Rosemarie Ziedonis: Alternative Strategies for Navigating through the Patent Thicket (12/16/2003)

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Wayne Brockbank: HR Professionals Add Greater Value to Companies (3/25/2003)

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George Fulton: Michigan's Sluggish Economy Will Pick up Speed in 2004-05 (11/21/2003)

Donald Grimes: B-School's ILIR Study: Labor Shortages in Michigan (1/16/2003)
Weak Economic Recovery Hits More States, Hammers Same Old Few (7/30/2003)
Lost Manufacturing Jobs May Be Gone for Good, Economist Says (9/29/2003)

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Theresa Welbourne: Employee Energy Key to Business Success (6/20/2003)
New Monthly Survey Will Measure Company Resources and Confidence (7/14/2003)
Monthly Survey Shows Sales, Net Profits and Employment to Improve (8/6/2003)
Women Business Owners Expect Higher Sales and Employment Figures (8/22/2003)
Small Firms Outscore Big Firms on Resource Growth and Confidence (9/23/2003)
Executives Predict Higher Growth in Employment, Survey Shows (10/16/2003)

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