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Businesses: Models for Peace?

Professor Gretchen SpreitzerBusiness organizations can contribute to peace through a leadership approach that encourages employee empowerment. The primary aim in the business world may be to make money, but companies also can serve as models for peace, says Gretchen Spreitzer, professor of management and organizations at the U-M Stephen M. Ross School of Business.

Prior research has shown that businesses promote peace by increasing trade—since trading partners are less likely to wage war—and by enhancing the economic well-being of people around the world, thus combating poverty as a key contributor to societal violence.

Professor Spreitzer says that business organizations also can contribute to "sustainable peace"—the lasting and stable reduction of conflict, corruption, bloodshed and war—through their leadership approach. More...

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New Building: What Faculty Need to Know

New Faculty
 In Fall of 2005, the Ross School of Business welcomes five new faculty members and one returning scholar. More...

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C.K. Prahalad, Professor of Corporate Strategy and International Business receives Distinguished University Professor title and Lifetime Achievement Award.

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Rationalizing Shareholder Protection Laws in the Post-Enron Era
According to Ross School professors Dana Muir and Cindy Schipani, The collision of federal and state oversight laws is reshaping the obligations of corporate officers and directors who oversee 401(k) plans that utilize employer stock as an investment vehicle. More...
Professors Dana Muir and Cindy Schipani

Marketing Finding the Right Mix Among Firm Resources, Investments and Governance
Professor Mrinal GhoshA new study by Mrinal Ghosh, assistant professor of marketing at the Stephen M. Ross School of Business reveals that original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) face complex trade-offs when working out contract terms with their suppliers of parts, components and sub-assemblies. More...

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Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions Pays off for many U.S. Companies
Professor Andrew HoffmanGlobal efforts to control greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions represent a major market transition that will create winners and losers among companies, depending on their ability to identify and capture economic opportunities in being "green" vis-à-vis their competitors, says University of Michigan associate professor Andrew Hoffman. More...