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Ilia Dichev: Using Dollar-Weighted Returns to Measure Investment Success (12/15/2004)
Working Paper: "What are Stock Investors' Actual Historical Returns? Evidence from Dollar-Weighted Returns" (December 2004)

Michelle Hanlon: Book-Tax Differences Influence Investors' Expectations (9/23/2004)

Eugene Imhoff: CEO Pay and Earnings Manipulation Strongly Linked (1/15/2004)

Reuven Lehavy: Buying Stocks? Don't Listen to Investment Banks (8/16/2004)
Stock buy recommendations from brokers who seldom give such advice fare better (10/5/2004)

Michal Matejka: Making Trade-offs in Organizational Design Choices (5/12/2004)

Catherine Shakespeare: How Credible are Credit-rating Agencies? (10/14/2004)

Douglas Skinner and Venky Nagar: Executives Use Stock Buybacks to Manage Performance Results (2/23/2004)

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James Hines: Restricting Foreign Direct Investment Dampens Multinationals' Profits (12/27/2004)

Jan Svejnar: Europe Has Untapped Potential to Drive Expansion (7/8/2004)

Marina Whitman: American Style Capitalism Overshadows Competing Forms in Europe and Asia (7/6/2004)
Prof. Marina Whitman Plays Key Role in Conference Board Study (7/23/2004)

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M.S. Krishnan, Sendil Ethiraj and Prashant Kale: Balancing Offshore Cost Savings With Quality Concerns (7/20/2004)

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Anusha Chari: Taking Corporate Control Boosts M&A Returns on Emerging-Market Targets (6/1/2004)
Assessing the Role of the Invisible Hand in Stock Market Liberalizations (6/24/2004)

Serdar Dinc: Politics of Bank Failures: Evidence from Emerging Markets (5/17/2004)

Amy Dittmar: Asset Sales Improve Investment Policies for Remaining Divisions (3/4/2004)
Debt Choice Determines Capital Structure in Divested Subsidiaries (4/12/2004)
Involving Founders in Consolidations Improves Market Success (8/30/2004)

Amy Dittmar and Robert Dittmar: Stock Repurchases Are Replacing Dividends (12/13/2004)
Study: "Stock Repurchase Waves: An Explanation of the Trends in Aggregate Corporate Payout Policy" (February 2004)

Vikram Nanda: Exchanging Business School Names for Financial Donations (1/5/2004)

Paolo Pasquariello: Market-related Factors Affect Central Bank Interventions in the Foreign Exchange Market (1/26/2004)

Clemens Silam: Household Stocks: the Fewer, the Better (11/29/2004)
Study: "Portfolio Concentration and the Performance of Individual Investors" (November 2005)

Guojun Wu: Market Fundamentals Affect Investor Trading Activities (4/21/2004)

Kathy Yuan: Investors Prefer Benchmark Securities for Hedging Their Risks (6/29/2004)

Lu Zheng: Mutual Fund Investors: Don't Shoot for the Stars (5/4/2004)

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David Hess: Framework Guides Managers in Structuring Charitable Activities (3/11/2004)
Using the Law to Create Socially Responsible Corporations (9/28/2004)

Cindy Schipani and Tim Fort: Businesses Can Promote Peace in Global Economy (3/9/2004)

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Wayne Baker: Detroit 's Digital Divide Not Due to Race (2/18/2004)
Arab American Study Portrays Complex Population (8/2/2004)
Americans Are Not Bitterly Divided (11/15/2004)
Book Chapter: "A Question of Values" (2004)

Kim Cameron: Companies in Crisis: Money Helps Preserve Positive Relationships (10/26/2004)

Jane Dutton: Energizing Your Workplace: New Book Shows How (3/1/2004)
Special Report: Positive Organizational Scholarship

Fiona Lee: Companies Benefit by Accepting Blame for Poor Performance (4/2/2004)
Let Them Fail: Encourage Employees to Experiment (8/4/2004)
Women in Male-Dominated Fields Feel Conflicted (8/27/2004)
Power Motivation Research: Feel Your Pain or Feel Lonely at the Top? (9/30/2004)

Robert Quinn: Real Leaders Embrace Change, Regardless of Title or Position (7/27/2004)

Jeffrey Sanchez-Burks: American Cultural Ideology Continues to Shape U.S. Business Practices (12/21/2004)

Gretchen Spreitzer: Understanding the Impact of Positive Deviance in Work Organizations (4/7/2004)

John Tropman: Self-regulation, Board Action Can Douse Potential Executive 'Flameout' (7/1/2004)

James Walsh: Misery Loves Companies: Rethinking Social Initiatives by Business (6/15/2004)

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Katherine Burson: Most of Us Are Poor Judges of Our Own Abilities (5/27/2004)

Claes Fornell: Customer Satisfaction Is at Its Highest Since 1995 (2/19/2004)
Latest Increase in ACSI Bodes Well for Economy (6/3/2204)
American Customer Satisfaction Index Holds Steady at 10-Year High (8/25/2004)
High Anxiety: Consumers Turn to Chocolate and Cigarettes (11/16/2004)
ACSI: Government Services Rival Private Sector (12/16/2004)
American Consumer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) Web site

Norbert Schwarz: New Method Measures Emotional Quality of Daily Experience (12/8/2004)

Michel Wedel: Print Ad Pictures: Less is More (3/26/2004)

David Wooten: Easily Influenced Consumers Play It Safe When Making Purchases (12/2/2004)

Jie Zhang and Michel Wedel: Comparing Promotional Strategies for Online and Offline Channels (8/23/2004)

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Roman Kapuscinski: Improving the Efficiency of Decentralized Supply Chains (1/27/2004)

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Jay Anand: Buyout and Divestiture Decisions in Biotechnology (1/30/2004)
Additivity Factors Impact Buyout and Divestiture Decisions in Biotechnology (2/12/2004)
Balance Between Information Gathering and Processing Affects Acquisition (4/15/2004)

C. Fritz Foley: Ties to U.S. Multinationals Give Foreign Affiliates a Competitive Edge (3/29/2004)

Thomas Gladwin: Special Report on Sustainable Transportation (3/22/2004)
Special Report: Sustainable Transportation

C.K. Prahalad: Turning the Poor into Consumers Creates Huge Growth Markets (9/1/2004)

Lynn Wooten: Winning the Battle Between Work and Family (5/20/2004)
The Role of Leaders in Closing the Racial Gap in Health Care (10/18/2004)

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Theresa Welbourne: Executives Expect Improved Growth Estimates in 2004 (1/20/2004)
Business Leaders Feeling Less Productive and De-Energized (3/25/2004)
Executives Expect Reduced Growth in the 2nd Quarter (4/13/2004)
Three of Four Business Executives Outsource Company Jobs (5/7/2004)
Business Leaders' Confidence Down, Despite Better Economic Outlook (9/21/2004)
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George Fulton: Job growth expected for Wayne County through 2006 (3/31/2004)

Donald Grimes: Knowledge Workers, Not Factory Jobs, Are Key to Prosperity (8/11/2004)

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