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YSW Incubator Groups

Each research incubator group for the Young Scholars Workshop will consist of three presenters (two Early Stage and one Mid Stage), as well as three to four faculty and two to three students.  The papers are linked on the Schedule page.

Group 1
Zachary Rogers (Applying Prospect Theory To Sustainable Supplier Development)
Anita Klotz (A Behavioral Perspective on Workload Control Concepts)
Kyle Harshbarger (How Queueing Styles Effect Server Behavior)
Yan Chen
Shanshan Hu
Lisa Yeo
Yusen Xia
Karen Eboch
Milad Mohammadi

Group 2
Bahriye Cesaret (Behavioral Tendencies in Revenue Management Decision Making)
Jaime Andrés Castañeda (An Experimental Analysis of Inventory Ordering Decisions in Multi-Item Newsvendor (Newsstand) Settings)
Josephine Clemens (Decision behavior in supply chains with random production yield)
Hyun-Soo Ahn
Karen Donohue
Erica Gralla
James Fan
Maria Ibanez

Group 3
Guido Voigt (Determinants of consumers’ willingness to pay for remanufactured products)
Zhongzhi Liu (The Effect of Informational Influence on Ethical Supplier Selection Judgment)
Zhixi Wan (Using Procurement Service Providers in Supplier Screening: Theory and Laboratory Experiments)
Saurabh Bansal
Michael Becker-Peth
Stephanie Eckerd
Blair Flicker
Wayne Fu
Kyle Goldschmidt

Group 4
Yi-Su Chen (Can I read your mind? A supplier’s anticipation of a buyer’s behavior)
George Ball (Product Recall Decisions in the Medical Device Industry: A Behavioral Investigation)
Ruthy Beer (The Signaling and Incentive Effects of Supplier Award)
Gary Bolton
Elena Katok
Corey Kiassat
Dayoung Kim
James Montgomery

Group 5
Young Ro (Supply Chain Relationships & Agent Characteristics: A Multi-Level Investigation)
Anna Devlin (The effect of contract type on risky product choice)
Zhongwen Ma (A hold-up problem with behavioral considerations)
Stephen Leider
Jordan Tong
Claudia Márquez Nava
Jinseok Pyone
Yaroslav Rosokha

Group 6
Evgeny Kagan (Does structuring the process affect innovation?)
Rosa Hendijiani (The Effect of Monetary Reward and Interpersonal Context on Intrinsic Motivation and Performance)
Rosa Hendijiani (Centralization versus Decentralization and Referral Rate: A Behavioral Perspective)
Tianjun Feng
Julie Niederhoff
Dina Ribbink
Rashmi Sharma
Eirini Spiliotopoulou
Yinghao Zhang


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