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Panel 1: Leveraging Forecasting for Improved Operations

With an increasing amount of data comes the opportunity to improve operations through forecasting. Understanding how to leverage data to create accurate and impactful models poses a challenge to even the most robust companies. Hear from experts on their experiences with data, forecasting, and machine learning and how they drive their business forward.

Room: R2240

Photo of Peter LenkPeter Lenk
Professor of Technology and Operations
Ross School of Business
Universitiy of Michigan


Panel Members:

Amazon: Daniel Han, Head of Seller Success, Prime Now, Amazon 
Dominos: Andrew Birch, Director, Data Science
General Motors: Ted Hanawalt, Director, Global Long Term Forecasting and Market Analysis
Microsoft: Andy Miller, Finance Director, One Commercial Partner

Steelcase: Jennifer Tyler, Director, Sales and Operations Planning

Panel 2: Sustainability through Innovative Operations 

Sustainability has permeated all industries as the push for a cleaner and greener world ensues. Implementing sustainable practices in business sometimes requires financial sacrifices and can often introduce operational challenges. Experts  will discuss their experience implementing sustainable practices in their businesses and the current initiatives that are generating company benefits.

Room: R2220

Photo of Terry NelidovTerry Nelidov
Managing Director, Erb Institute, Business for Sustainability
Ross School of Business
University of Michigan


Panel Members:

Boeing: Edward Carr, Senior Manager, Integrated Products Team Lead
Dell: Adam Bushong, Global Commodity Manager
LLamasoft: Michael Rockett, Technology Manager
Nike: Jaycee Pribulsky, Senior Director Labor Partnerships, Sustainable Manufacturing and Sourcing

Panel 3: True Globalization through Operations

An increasingly global economy creates new opportunities and presents new challenges for all companies. As companies expand their global footprint, they must consider both the benefits and the consequences of their intricate and complex supply chains. Experts across industries will speak to their approach to this challenge and where they see the future of our globalized world.

Room: R2240

Damian Beil
Michael R. and Mary Kay Hallman Fellow, Professor of Technology and Operations
Ford Motor Company Co-Director of the Joel D. Tauber Institute for Global Operations
University of Michigan

Panel Members:

AlixPartners: Daniel Hearsch, Director
Bloom Energy: Kim Gupta, Managing Director, Strategic Components

Dow: Tom Ammerman, Supply Chain Director
Ford Motor Company: Lisa Drake, Global Purchasing Director
Polaris: Phil De Sousa, Vice President, Finance - Global Operations & Engineering

Panel 4: Incorporating Industry 4.0 into Operations

Leading industries are turning to new and emerging technologies to improve their supply chain and operations. Automation, the Internet of Things and Analytics are all encompassed in the Industry 4.0 phenomenon. Hear experts discuss how these technologies are implemented and the impact they have on operations.

Room: R2220

Wally Hopp
C.K. Prahalad Distinguished University Professor of Business and Engineering
Associate Dean for Part-Time MBA, Professor of Technology and Operations 
Professor of Industrial and Operations Engineering

University of Michigan

Panel Members:

Amazon: Nicole Slezak, Senior Operations Manager 
Bain & Company: Amit Nagar, Principal
Bosch USA: Fabian Borowski, Project Manager, Industry 4.0 North America

Whirlpool: Paul Seay, Director, Global Advanced Manufacturing




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