AI & Web3 Panel: Ross Alumni, Current EMBAs, Guests Invited
Thursday, November 9, 2023
6:00 PM - 9:00 PM PST

An expert panel discussion on all things AI and Web3, including blockchain and crypto. Ross alumni, current EMBAs, and their guests are welcome to attend.

This event will take place in Los Angeles. 

Panelists include: 

Dana Dal Bo

PhD Candidate at USC, Co-Founder Solana University

Dana Dal Bo is a dynamic leader who has played a pivotal role in shaping the landscape of blockchain technology and education. With a remarkable journey spanning Space Tango, Hybrid Bodies, USC and the Solana Foundation, she has been a driving force behind innovation, education, and the acceleration of the decentralized future. Her pioneering spirit led her to co-found Solana University, an institution that bridges continents and unites universities in the pursuit of decentralized excellence.

Aron Danburg

Technical Writing Manager, Product Content: Data Analytics and AI


Aron Danburg leads a product content team at ServiceNow focusing on data analytics and generative AI technology. He has worked in the software design and documentation field for over 25 years, spending much of that time in Taiwan and Japan. He and his team currently research and test large language models like ChatGPT and Google Bard for practical real-world applications.

Tia Kimakhom



Mutita (Tia) Kimakhom has been a pioneer and serial entrepreneur in data analytics since cofounding Predictive, Thailand's first marketing analytics company, in 2011. Since then, she has gone on to launch three more companies in both Asia and the United States, including her latest venture, WAKARIO, Inc. During her career, she has also worked as an interim CEO, digital marketing lead, consultant, and university instructor. Currently, she is pursuing an Executive MBA at Michigan Ross.

Sushil Pramanick

Global Account Manager / Head of Global Financial Services, North America


Sushil Pramanick, is a Michigan EMBA22 graduate and a senior management executive with 30 years of progressive experience across multiple industry sectors, with a primary focus on financial services insurance. He currently leads the Global Financial Services (GFS) EMEA Insurance Business for North America at Amazon Web Services (AWS). He is an expert on AI (including Generative AI), Data Analytics, and Cloud driving customer-centric innovation and digital transformation for some of the largest and most complex insurance organizations in the world. He is ranked in the top 15 social influencers in AWS. He has been ranked globally in the Top 10 social influencers in Big Data and Analytics. He is also the founder and chairman of The Big Data Institute (TBDI).

Ryan Trattner

Founder / Co-Founder

Various Start Up Companies

Ryan Trattner is an experienced engineer working on cutting edge technologies. He has worked extensively in the AI education space, building an edtech platform that leverages AI to transform traditional learning as well as an AI infrastructure company focused on reducing startup AI costs and increasing speeds. On the blockchain side, Ryan is working on enabling safe self-custody digital identity, attribution, and media authentication. He is currently exploring the intersection of AI and blockchain through a decentralized collective intelligence system aimed at establishing authenticity and consensus between AI models and increasing truth in our digital world.

Sponsor:Michigan Ross Alumni Club of Southern California
Audience:All Current Students, Faculty, Staff, Alumni, Executive Education, Public
(Private Event)
Career Interest:None specified
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