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Ross Thought in Action provides content for business leaders, thought leaders, and the media. Ross Thought in Action focuses on research that is clearly applicable to organizations and on compelling editorial features about faculty and ideas. This archive provides links to print, video, and audio that explores the intellectual capital generated at the Ross School of Business.



Migration Patterns of Executives and Analysts
Accounting Standards: To Merge or Not To Merge
Investor Relations Atwitter over New Technologies
Readability of Annual Reports Affects Accuracy of Analyst Forecasts

Should Managers Provide Forecasts of Earnings?

Twitter Helps Smaller Firms Level the Information Playing Field

Valuing Toxic Assets

Business Administration

Make Change Work for You
Turning the Traditional Classroom on its Head
CEOs with Close Ties to Top Executives More Likely to Commit Fraud
Professor Robert Kennedy summarizes his case study on Jordan-based shipper Aramex in the Financial Times

Business Economics & Public Policy

Technology and Taxes: How and When People Seek Information

Early Life Economic Distress and Mental Health

Spreading Joy and Scaling Culture

A Tax Policy Divide

A New Way to Measure Policy Uncertainty

Can Healthcare Plan Changes be Blamed on the New Act?

The Federal Income Tax at 100: Capitol Hill Event Looks at What's Next

Acting on the New Healthcare Act

Buffett Rule Opens Much-Needed Dialogue

Patent Case Draws Concern
A Notch Above: Automakers Manipulate Fuel Economy
SMART Ideas for Urban Transport
The ABCs of the VAT
The Tire Tariff: A New Trade Dispute? :: Audio
Eastern Europe: Privatization Laboratory
Government Motors? :: Video
The New Healthcare Prescription :: Video
Running on Empty :: Video
Policy Responses to the Economic Crisis :: Video
The Fraying of Free Trade
More Risk than Reward
Emerging from the Economic Abyss
The Road to Economic Recovery :: Audio
New Wrinkles Could Complicate U.S.-China Relations
Tax Rebates Not a Quick Fix for the Economy
Rewarding Altruism: Can It Be Effective?
Automakers Put the Pedal to the Metal
Diagnosis: McCain’s Healthcare Plan Critical
Election Balance Sheet :: Video 

Emerging Markets

Sweet Business Model Gets Sticky
What Small Companies Can Learn from Emerging Markets
The New Global Challengers
Ganging Up On Poverty
Rethink or Reset: Building Fortune with the Base of the Pyramid
Moving Beyond the Moving Anecdote


Professor Peter Adriaens and Zell Lurie Institute managing director Tim Faley call for stronger entrepreneurial education in the Financial Times
Professor Tom Kinnear blogs on new venture valuation for the Wall Street Journal
No Phone? No Worries. Innovation in the Cloud Transcends IT
Shedding the New Venture Mystique


Prepping for a Higher Credit Rating Could Hurt Profits
Review of Financial Studies Names Ross Professor as Co-Editor
A New Way to Gauge the Housing Market
Experience Informs Inflation Expectations
Do ESOPs Promote Productivity?
Corporate Hoarding of Cash Has Roots in CEO's Past
Weather Data Scrutiny Spurs Government Efficiency
Are Taxpayers Still on the Hook in the General Motors Deal?
Fiscal Cliff? More Like a Fiscal Mountain
Growing LIBOR Scandal Exposes Flaws
Facebook's IPO Flop
JPMorgan Chase's $2 Billion Blunder
A Free Lunch in a Perfect Storm
Investing in Impact: Making the Case for Patient Capitals
Bailed-Out Banks Issued Riskier Loans
Study Debunks Common Wisdom on Going Private
Standard and Poor's Shot Across the Bow
Study Debunks Common Wisdom on Going Private
Berkshire Hathaway and Why We Have Insider Trading Laws
Is There a Profit Opportunity in the Japanese Stock Markets?
Berkshire Hathaway and Why We Have Insider Trading Laws
Experts on Wall Street Face Scrutiny

New Bank Taxes Won't Necessarily Prevent Another Crisis
Don't Leave Finance to the Experts
Implementing Open-Book Finance
Panic on Wall Street
Goldman Versus the SEC
Companies Show Clever Currency Moves
Taking it to the Banks :: Video
Pecking Over Finance
What Role Did Individual Investors Play in the Economic Meltdown? :: Audio
Financial Market Makeover :: Video
Are Taxpayers on the Hook in GM Deal?
Bad Loans, Suffering Banks
Portfolio Society :: Video
Subprime Mortgage Crisis: Failure to Predict Failure
Repercussions of Global Economic Crisis in Europe:: Audio
Banks of America? Nationalization Gains Momentum :: Video
Mad About Madoff
The Quiet Consolidation
Anatomy of an Economic Meltdown :: Video
Insider Trading: Another Glass Ceiling?
Congress Passes Bailout: Now What? :: Audio
A History of Financial Bailouts
Nightmare on Wall Street, Part 2 :: Audio
Why the U.S. Took Control of Fannie and Freddie
Mortgage Crisis: Blame the Banks?

Global Sustainability

Eight Steps for an Effective Climate Change Strategy
Shifting Innovation in Reverse
It's Not Easy Marketing Green
When Capitalism Meets Sustainability
Andy Hoffman on the Fractious Nature of Fracking :: Audio
Sustainability 2.0: Flourishing
Clean Up Clean Tech Funding
The Emperor's Used Clothes
Breaking Through on Climate Change :: Video
Have a Coke and a Controversy
Have We Changed Our Ways After the BP Oil Spill?
Corporate Social Responsibility: Boon or Boondoggle?
Charging into a New Market
BP's Fallout: Where to from Here? :: Audio
A Look at Low-Carbon Technologies in the Midwest :: Video
Can Multiple Eco-Labels on a Product Harm the Environment?

Business Law

Setting Women on the Fruitful Path to Leadership
The Changing Face of Patent Law
Do Corporate Monitors Challenge the Status Quo?
Patent Case Draws Concern
Law: The Hidden Competitive Advantage
Will New Guidelines on Waiving Attorney-Client Privilege Change Practice?
Workplace Benefits Relieve Stress, Improve Bottom Line

Award Winner Hess Discusses Current Research

Management and Organizations

Want to be a Better Negotiator? Be Yourself
Confirmed: It's Not Easy Being Green
Mozilla's Coup — Get Ready for More
Reciprocity: Paying it Forward or Self-Interest?
The Rise of Coworking
United We (Still) Stand
An Easy Way to Become a Better Leader
Coaching Up the Coaches
Can Affordable Machines Reshape Industry?
Ross Prof Gets "Rock Star" Treatment in Forbes
Work: A Calling, or Just a Job?
The Professional Life: Keep it That Way
Change the Way You Lead Change
Q&A With Kim Cameron, Architect of the Competing Values Framework
Financial Times Talks Positive Business with Ross
Your Network is More Valuable Than You Think
The Downside of Supplier Proximity
Is the Sun Setting on the Public Corporation?
Emotional Ambivalence Leads to Accuracy
Negotiating: Making the First Move Pays, Be Ready for Anxiety :: Video
Professor Jerry Davis in New York Times: Bangladesh Collapse Implicates Every Consumer
Blowing the Whistle on Bad Behavior Takes More than Guts
Ross Ranked No. 1 in Management Journal Productivity
Managing for the Unexpected
Professor Sue Ashford weighs in on Yahoo's work-from-home reversal for the New York Times
Why (In)Justice in the Workplace Matters
Corporations Favor Elite Nonprofits
Creative Destruction and the Locavore Movement
Virtuousness and Performance: A Productive Partnership :: White Paper
A Playbook for Intuition
Leadership Lessons from the Top
Stockholders Vote GOP Regardless of Market Performance
Positive Leadership in Action: Applications of POS by Jim Mallozzi, CEO, Prudential Real Estate and Relocation
Got Creative Block? Get Out of Your Office and Go for a Walk
Being Happy at Work is Nice, But Thriving is Better and More Productive
Negotiating for Positive Results
Crisis Management and Recovery at News Corp.
Team Leadership: Don't Wing It
Leadership Learning Curve
Making the Case for Crisis Management
Many Values Unite Americans, Despite Divisions
Putting the Why in Work
Make Time for a Leadership Check-in
Managing the Unexpected
Board Control Often is an Illusion
Writing Your Own Ticket
What Doesn’t Kill you Makes You Stronger :: Video
Women on Board: Does Forced Diversity Hurt Firm Performance?
How to Rethink HR Strategy from the Outside In
Innovate Now: Lean Times Can Be Best Times
General Motors' Quick Exit from Chapter 11 - Now What? :: Audio
A New Chapter for General Motors
Better Management Through Better HR
Do CEOs Matters?
High Morale in Low Times :: Audio
Power Trip: CEOs and Firm Performance
Overwhelmed, Overloaded
Sick CEO? Succession Plans a Must
More Competitors = Less Competition
CEOs on the Hot Seat :: Audio
Identity Politics: Race, Gender, and Voting
Values and Voting :: Audio


Online Content: Fee for Free?
The Latest in Sensory Marketing — Dynamic Logos and 'Smellizing' Food Through Pictures
New Tool Helps Make Sense of Big Data
Employees Might Cheat More For Less
The Organizational Power of Social Media
Extra, Extra! Online Ads Don't Cannibalize Print
Prof. Krishna Makes Sense of Sensory Marketing
New Launch, New Rules
Yes, They're Compensating for Something
Making Sense of our Senses
Feeling Down? Retail Therapy Helps Beat the Blues
Beliefs on Weight Loss Can Torpedo New Year's Resolutions
Understanding Across the Political Divide
Mind Over Marketing
Social Networks To Social Dollars
Consumers Mistake Fair-Trade Foods for Lower-Calorie
Armchair Quarterbacking the Super Bowl Ads :: Video
Why Did Borders Fail? :: Podcast
Consumers Beware: In Reality, Luxury Cars Don't Make Us Feel Better
Good News Can Inspire Good Behavior
Cause Marketing Lowers Charitable Donations
Figuring Out the Aging Consumer
Guiltless Gluttony

Twitter Helps Small Firms Level Information Playing Field
Think Before You Drink During Job Interviews
BP's Fallout: Where to from Here? :: Audio
Filling the Context Gap
Recession 101: Marketing Dos and Don'ts
Location, Location, Location
Can Companies Really Predict What We Like Online?
Three Ways to Leverage Social Media
The Sense(s) and Sensibilities of Marketing
Public Sneezes, Private Fears
Fatal (Fiscal) Attraction :: Video
Building Israel's Brand
Blogs Can Help Predict Product Sales
Detroit Responds: Customer Satisfaction Matches Asian Competitors
Cause Marketing: Altruism or Greed?
Customer Satisfaction Rises Again
Guilty Pleasure? It’s All in the Mind’s Eye
Black Friday: Deals and Death :: Audio

Deck the Halls with Sales and Discounts
Warnings About False Claims Can Backfire
Bilingual Advertising: Not Lost in Translation
Casino Gambling: Hold ’Em or Fold ’Em?
Do Doctors Bow to Peer Pressure when Prescribing?
It’s All in Their Heads: MRIs ID Best Salespeople
ACSI Slip Suggests Tepid Spending Growth
Resilience Begins to Fade at Retail
Anatomy of a Loyal Customer

Mergers & Acquisitions

Pfizer’s Prescription for M&A


Of Subtitles and Signals
Women and Minority Corporate Directors Lack Mentoring
Strategic Controversy - Welcome the Dissent
Prof. Gautam Ahuja wins Best Paper on Innovation Management
Professor Linda Lim writes in Yahoo! Singapore News about how land and people fit in Signapore's economy
Faced with Job Loss? (Self-)Perception Is Everything
A New Approach to Strategy: Positive Deviance at Apple
Innovation Expert Reflects on Steve Jobs' Cultural Impact
Ganging Up On Poverty
Rethink or Reset? Building a Fortune with the Base of the Pyramid
Corporate Social Responsibility: Boon or Boondoggle?
The Case Against Social Corporate Responsibility
The Power of Co-Creation
C.K. Prahalad's Vision for India at 75
Business Evolution in China
And In This Corner, Google
New Game Strategies to Create and Capture Value
The Services Shift: Seizing the Ultimate Offshore Opportunity

Technology and Operations

Co-Creation: A New Way to Think About Business and Society
Attacking TB in India: Operations Meets Public Health
U-M Ross Associate Dean Wallace Hopp Elected to National Academy of Engineering
A New Focus at Microsoft
REI Rentals Case Study Proves Good for Profits and Environment
An Operations Approach to Global Health Delivery
A Supply Chain Perspective on Boeing's 787 Dreamliner Problems
A Big Goal for a Small Car
Operations Science for the Operating Room
Beating the Box Office Blues
Preparing for Pandemics: How Cisco Immunized Its Operations
Steve Jobs and Apple's Tree
Online Services Change the Competition Equation
Ecosystem Innovation: New Age BusinessModels
New Supply Chain Dynamics :: Audio
Cloud Computing Changes the Game :: Audio Mapping Social Networks to Improve Product Quality
Boeing's Dreams Finally Take Flight :: Video
Cleveland Clinic: A Laboratory for Operations Management
Ball and (Supply) Chain :: Audio
Green Business Value of Technology