Course Descriptions

While the business school endeavors to offer as many of the courses as possible, not all courses are offered every semester, and some courses may not be offered due to staff availability. It is important to check Wolverine Access prior to registering for classes to determine availability of courses for any given semester.

You may find the syllabi from previous academic years by going to the Kresge Library Syllabi Archive.

Courses Found: 37
Course #Course TitleTypeCredit HrsFall 24
TO 300Business Information SystemsCore1.5 hoursF24(B)
TO 301Business Analytics and StatisticsCore4 hoursF24
TO 302Managing Business OperationsCore3 hoursF24
TO 313Operations ManagementCore3 hoursF24
TO 399Independent StudyElective1 - 3 hoursF24
TO 411Support With ExcelElective3 hoursF24
TO 414Advanced Analytics For Management ConsultingElective3 hoursF24
TO 415Advanced Excel Skills with VBAElective3 hoursF24
TO 416Technology Enabled Business Innovation Elective1.5 hoursF24(A)
TO 420Introduction to Coding with PythonElective1.5 hoursF24(B)
TO 450Business Intelligence and Data Visualization Elective3 hoursF24
TO 482Action Learning Projects in Operations, Procurement, and Supply Chain ManagementElective7.5 hoursF24
TO 502Applied Business StatisticsCore2.25 hoursF24(A)
TO 512Decision Support with SpreadsheetsElective1.5 hoursF24(A)
TO 513Spreadsheet Modeling and ApplicationsElective1.5 hoursF24(B)
TO 518Linear Programming IElective3 hoursF24
TO 533Applied Business StatisticsCore2.25 hoursF24(B)
TO 548Integrated Product DevelopmentElective3 hoursF24
TO 558Operations ManagementCore2.25 hoursF24(A)
TO 563Innovation in Global Health DeliveryElective1.5 hoursF24(A)
TO 567Data Mining and Applied Multivariate AnalysisElective1.5 hoursF24(A)
TO 582Action Learning Projects in Operations, Procurement, and Supply Chain ManagementElective7.5 hoursF24
TO 605Manufacturing and Supply OperationsElective1.5 - 3 hoursF24 F24(B)
TO 616Project ManagementElective1.5 hoursF24
TO 618Applied Business Analytics and DecisionsElective3 hoursF24
TO 620Global Supply Chain ManagementElective2.25 hoursF24(A)
TO 624Strategic SourcingElective2.25 hoursF24(A)
TO 630New Age of InnovationElective2.25 hoursF24(B)
TO 640Big Data Management: Tools and TechniquesElective2.25 hoursF24(B)
TO 649Revenue ManagementElective2.25 hoursF24(B)
TO 701Topics in Global OperationsElective1.5 hoursF24
TO 703Tauber Institute Team ProjectElective1.5 - 3 hoursF24(A)
TO 712Decision Support with Spreadsheets Elective2.25 hoursF24(A)
TO 750Independent StudyElective1 - 3 hoursF24
TO 899Doctoral Seminar- TO 3 hoursF24
TO 990Dissertation-PreCandidacy 1 - 8 hoursF24
TO 995Dissertation-Candidacy 4 - 8 hoursF24