Course Descriptions

While the business school endeavors to offer as many of the courses as possible, not all courses are offered every semester, and some courses may not be offered due to staff availability. It is important to check Wolverine Access prior to registering for classes to determine availability of courses for any given semester.

You may find the syllabi from previous academic years by going to the Kresge Library Syllabi Archive.

Courses Found: 26
Course #Course TitleTypeCredit HrsFall 24
STRATEGY 302Business StrategyCore3 hoursF24
STRATEGY 390Corporate StrategyCore3 hoursF24
STRATEGY 399Independent Study ProjectElective1 - 3 hoursF24
STRATEGY 400Strategies for Sustainable Development Elective3 hoursF24
STRATEGY 445Base of the Pyramid: Business Innovation and Social ImpactElective3 hoursF24
STRATEGY 502Corporate StrategyCore2.25 hoursF24(A)
STRATEGY 503Competing in the Global Business EnvironmentCore1.5 hoursF24(A) F24(B)
STRATEGY 520Doing International BusinessElective1.5 - 3 hoursF24
STRATEGY 525Erb Institute SeminarElective1.5 hoursF24(A)
STRATEGY 534Competing in Global BusinessCore2.25 hoursF24(A)
STRATEGY 557StrategyCore2.25 hoursF24(B)
STRATEGY 562Innovation in Global Health DeliveryElective1.5 hoursF24(A)
STRATEGY 564Strategies for Sustainable Development I: Competitive Environmental StrategyElective1.5 hoursF24(A)
STRATEGY 565Strategies for Sustainable Development II: Managing Social IssuesElective1.5 hoursF24(B)
STRATEGY 615Equity Analytics Elective2.25 hoursF24(B)
STRATEGY 630New Age of InnovationElective2.25 hoursF24(B)
STRATEGY 672Strategies for GrowthElective3 hoursF24
STRATEGY 675Business Model InnovationElective2.25 hoursF24(B)
STRATEGY 680Business in SocietyElective1.5 hoursF24(A)
STRATEGY 711Global Strategy Elective1.5 hoursF24(B)
STRATEGY 750Independent Study ProjectElective1 - 3 hoursF24
STRATEGY 897Doctoral Seminar in Corporate StrategyElective1.5 hoursF24(B)
STRATEGY 898Doctoral Seminar in Corporate StrategyElective1.5 hoursF24(A)
STRATEGY 900Special Research for Doctoral Applicants and Candidates 1 - 6 hoursF24
STRATEGY 990Dissertation-Precandidate 1 - 8 hoursF24
STRATEGY 995Dissertation-Candidate 4 - 8 hoursF24