Course Descriptions

While the business school endeavors to offer as many of the courses as possible, not all courses are offered every semester, and some courses may not be offered due to staff availability. It is important to check Wolverine Access prior to registering for classes to determine availability of courses for any given semester.

You may find the syllabi from previous academic years by going to the Kresge Library Syllabi Archive.

Courses Found: 33
Course #Course TitleTypeCredit HrsFall 24
FIN 300Financial ManagementCore3 hoursF24
FIN 302Making Financial DecisionsCore3 hoursF24
FIN 317Investment BankingElective3 hoursF24
FIN 335Managing the Maize and Blue FundElective1.5 hoursF24(B)
FIN 342Big Data in FinanceElective3 hoursF24
FIN 399Independent Study ProjectElective1 - 3 hoursF24
FIN 408Capital Markets and Investment StrategyElective1.5 hoursF24(A)
FIN 412Currency Markets Elective1.5 hoursF24(A)
FIN 414Global Capital MarketsElective1.5 hoursF24(B)
FIN 415Corporate Investment DecisionsElective3 hoursF24
FIN 438Fundamentals of Private Equity: A Practitioner's Approach Elective3 hoursF24
FIN 463Real Estate Development in PracticeElective3 hoursF24
FIN 503Financial ManagementCore2.25 hoursF24(B)
FIN 557Financial ManagementCore2.25 hoursF24(A)
FIN 563Real Estate Development in PracticeElective3 hoursF24
FIN 580Financial Derivatives in Corporate Finance: Managing Risk and Creating ValueElective2.25 hoursF24(A)
FIN 608Capital Markets and Investment StrategyElective2.25 hoursF24(B)
FIN 612Currency MarketsElective2.25 hoursF24(A)
FIN 614Global Capital MarketsElective2.25 hoursF24(B)
FIN 615ValuationElective2.25 hoursF24(A) F24(B)
FIN 621Corporate Financial Policy Elective2.25 hoursF24(B)
FIN 701Michigan Climate Venture Elective3 hoursF24(B)
FIN 705Managing the OMBA Fund, Part A Elective.75 hoursF24(B)
FIN 715Valuation Elective2.25 hoursF24(A)
FIN 725Managing the Maize and Blue FundElective1.5 hoursF24(B)
FIN 750Independent Study ProjectElective1 - 3 hoursF24
FIN 855Fundamentals of Investment Decisions with Symmetric InformationElective3 hoursF24
FIN 871Corporate FinanceElective1.5 hoursF24(A)
FIN 872Theoretical Models in Finance II Elective1.5 hoursF24(B)
FIN 885Research Topics in FinanceElective1.5 hoursF24(A)
FIN 900Special Research for Doctoral Applicants & Candidates 1 - 6 hoursF24
FIN 990Dissertation - Precandidacy 1 - 8 hoursF24
FIN 995Dissertation - Candidacy 4 - 8 hoursF24