OTPR 30th Anniversary
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OTPR'S 30TH ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION will feature a 2 -day event at the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan on June 22-23, 2018. 

The first-day's panels will be livestreamed at the following URLs:

Morning (9-1pm)- https://rossmedia.bus.umich.edu/rossmedia/Play/b4df92765b9d477fb54f50b1545e94571d

Afternoon (1-5pm)- https://rossmedia.bus.umich.edu/rossmedia/Play/b24f66fa84c54de6b37c8965827d9b151d


For attendees arriving early, there will be a reception on the evening of June 21 at the University of Michigan Museum of Art.

On the first day, we will have three roundtable discussions that address 1) global tax policy issues, 2) promising new directions in tax policy research, and 3) what it would be good to know by 2048 (OTPR's 60th anniversary).  The second day will feature four sessions of invited research papers (3 per session) on 1) new directions in optimal taxation, 2) new empircal methods in tax analysis, 3) new research in tax compliance and enforcement, and 4) new tax research in developing countries.

Dinner on the evening of June 22 will be held at the Jack Roth Stadium Club in the "Big House."

For further information, please contact Mary Ceccanese (ceccanes@umich.edu).


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