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  QUALTRICS SURVEY RESEARCH SUITE Ross maintains a site license with the online survey vendor Qualtrics. Researchers can use this tool to prepare surveys that can be administered both inside and outside the school’s Behavioral Lab. Qualtrics has many advanced features, allowing researchers to build studies with true experimental design and to run longitudinal or panel studies. Qualtrics is also used as an administrative and classroom tool throughout Ross. Research Administration staff can help in the design, distribution, and analysis of any research or data-collection project conducted using Qualtrics.

The Qualtrics Survey Research Suite is separate from Qualtrics360, which requires a separate login.


FACULTY and STAFF: Please create an account at For account support, please send an email including your Ross affiliation to

BBA/MBA STUDENTS: Please create an account at By default, this account has limited permissions. In order to gain full access to your account, you must obtain an access code by completing the Student Access Code Form. Access will only be granted for projects related to Ross research, coursework, club activities, or administrative work. Licensing agreements with Qualtrics prohibit commercial use of the tool or use of the tool for summer internships. BBA and MBA Student accounts are deactivated May 10th each year. Students should remove and/or back up all surveys and data prior to deactivation. Returning students may request reactivation of their account once classes resume.

  EXAMPLES Qualtrics can be used for many purposes including the following:

Research: Experimental Data Collection, Random Assignment
Teaching: Peer Evaluations, Quizzes (instant feedback), Upload Assignments
Course Evaluation: Midterm Feedback
Administration: Voting, Event Planning, Program Evaluations
Applications and Admissions: Student Applications, Registration Forms

Please find some examples of Qualtrics surveys at the following link: Qualtrics Examples

  RESOURCES Qualtrics Consultations are available to Ross Faculty, Staff, and Students. To arrange a consultation, email, or call 734-615-7348.

U of M Qualtrics Google Community
U of M Qualtrics Wiki
U of M Qualtrics User Manual (pdf)

  CONTACTS Please contact for more information, account upgrades, and account reactivation.

     Research Specialist Lillian Chen
     Faculty Director Christie Brown