Red Grooms - Traffic!
American, b.1937
Traffic!, 1999
Three-dimensional lithograph, 23.375 x 28.375 inches
Editioin 11/75
Shark's Ink

Gift of Judy and J.D. Williamson, II (BBA '67, MBA '68)

Associated with American pop art and represented in major museums around the world, Grooms has worked in numerous media. As a showman rivaling Barnum & Bailey, he is best known for his large-scale sculptural installations, notably Ruckus Manhattan and the City of Chicago. In the early 1980s, he began translating the character of those humorous works into the realm of printmaking by creating three-dimensional lithographs.

Grooms derived Traffic! from his city installations. Even on a smaller scale, it retains all the sprawling, rambunctious energies of the more monumental pieces. Grooms' urban world is a funky, terrestrial paradise in which city dwellers, buildings, even lampposts, sway together in good-natured harmony.