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Course Materials

Course materials submission and distribution process details are emailed to all faculty and support staff 4-6 weeks in advance of the course material submission deadline. The email includes a "Summer Course Preparation" checklist with deadlines for the term. Course materials go on sale to students approximately two weeks before the term begins and are delivered digitally through Canvas.

New course materials policy
This policy covers the service provided, format of digital and optional printed course materials, and distinguishes the difference between Required General Course Materials (cases and articles) and Required Special Course Materials (simulations, online tutorials, negotiation exercises).

Overview of Course Material Submission Process:

  • Course Materials Request Form - must be filled out to provide Kresge Learning Support Staff with all of the relevant details for Study.net course site set up. This form is REQUIRED for all courses. Submit one form per class.
  • Include a Table of Contents/citation page - Cite all items to be included in the course materials. Identify materials being used for the first time, and provide specific copyright details if known.
  • Sample syllabus statement for courses with required special course materials.
  • Digitally submit materials - Share files with kresge_learn@umich.edu via DropBox, M+Box, Google Drive Folder, or select the box on the submission form that digital files were submitted in a prior course/term. A Table of Contents with complete citations is required. All files must be in PDF format. When converting PowerPoint slides to PDF, ensure they are formatted exactly the way you want them to appear both in digital and printed formats (e.g., as 2, 4, or 6 "handouts" per page, or in "pure black and white") before they are submitted. All finished printed copies of course materials (TextPaks) will be black-and-white and duplexed.
  • Include any additional materials or instructions - Include cases, simulations or any other special requests that need to be coordinated in the cost with your materials submission. Identify if they will need to be distributed in the Study.net course site or as a hard copy handout. Include the date needed by or when used in the course.
  • Items typically processed as a no cost packet, such as lecture notes, can be included on the course site at no charge to students or you may opt to use CTools or Canvas.

Email the Kresge Learning Support Team at kresge_learn@umich.edu if you will not be able to meet the deadline date or have any questions.

Overview of Course Materials Processing and Distribution:

  • After submission, Kresge Learning Services and Study.net create the course site, clear copyright permission, and set the price.
  • The Kresge Learning Support Team sets up your access to the Study.net course site and provides you with a printed TEXTPAK if requested. A printed TEXTPAK is NOT made available on course reserves.
  • The Kresge Learning Support Team sends you an email asking you to review and approve the Study.net course site. Add kresge_learn@umich.edu to your email Contacts to insure you see this message in your inbox.
  • After you approve the Study.net course site, Kresge staff posts an announcement on your CTools or Canvas site with information on purchasing course materials. This message appears approximately 2 weeks before classes begin.
  • Students purchase access to the Study.net course site to view all digital content, including the ability to print and download content.
  • Students may opt to purchase a printed TEXTPAK. The TEXTPAK print format is standardized - card stock front and back covers on white 3-hole punch paper. TEXTPAK cannot be purchased in lieu of digital course materials.
  • University of Michigan Printing Services prints the TEXTPAK orders and delivers them to the Kresge Learning Support for student pick up. The printed TEXTPAK includes only those materials that are printable. I t does not include material links, website or spreadsheet files.

Email the Kresge Learning Support Team if you will not be able to meet the deadline date or have any questions.