Positive Links - Wally Hopp
Monday, March 18, 2013 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
Positively Lean: A Path to Efficiency and Energization?

The field of Operations Management is primarily concerned with the delivery of goods and services to customers. A ubiquitous goal is efficiency, achieved through waste reduction, often under the banner of Lean. As a system for highlighting and solving problems, Lean can be described as an approach for eliminating negative deviance in the form of undesirable behaviors. In contrast, Positive Business seeks to enhance positive deviance through capability building and nurturing of a thriving organizational culture. This distinction presents a fundamental question: are Lean and Positive Business useful complements or incompatible substitutes?

In this talk, Wally will offer examples from industry that illustrate conflicts between Lean and Positive Business, as well as examples that suggest possible synergies. He will also try to provide a framework for integrating the two perspectives by examining the core concepts of Lean through a Positive lens. He will then throw the matter to the wisdom of the audience for discussion and debate.
Sponsor:Center for Positive Organizations
Contact:Janet Max
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Audience:Ross Community
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