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Technology & Operations

TO 735 Special Topics in Supply Chain Management
  1.5 hours Elective Terms Offered: F15, F16
  Special Topics in Supply Chain Management --- This course will address current topics of interest to supply chain professionals. As such the content of the course may vary in subsequent years depending on current events and emerging issues. Several of the topics will involve external guest speakers. Sample topics include:

1. Sustainability and Supply Chains (e.g., Reverse Logistics, Closed-Loop Supply Chains, Carbon foot-print)
2. Supply Chain Risk and Security
3. Corporate Social Responsibility and Ethical Issues in Supply Chain Design
4. Globalization of Supply Networks (e.g., China Factor)
5. Supply Chain Relationships and Policy Implications (e.g., retail industry practices in Category Managements, use of slotting fees, etc. Some of these practices have anti-trust implications and FTC always keeps a close watch).
6. Infrastructure issues in Supply Chain - country specific issues on role of infrastructure (roads, railways, and ports) and supply chain competitiveness
7. Special challenges in managing Supply Chains across various verticals (e.g., SCM issues differ across automotive, hi-tech, pharmaceutical, retail and students need to be sensitive to these differences.