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ACC 713 Financial Statement Analysis II
  2.25 hours Elective Terms Offered: W15(A), W15(B), W16(B)
  Course Prerequisites: No credit in ACC 712 
  Advisory Prerequisites: ACC 711 

*** ACC 713 is a continuation of ACC 711. It is required that students complete ACC 711 prior to ACC 713.

ACC 713 focuses on a rigorous understanding of how to construct robust business forecasts (a good forecast is probably the most important predictor of business success!), and on the latest techniques on how to use these forecasts to derive firms’ values. These courses are a “must” for students pursuing careers in the financial sector or consulting. Students planning careers in general management (marketing, operations) will also find the knowledge and skills extremely useful. Offered in Fall B, Winter A and Winter B; prerequisite ACC 564, ACC 711.