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Technology & Operations

TO 618 Supply Chain Analytics
  3 hours Terms Offered: W15, W14
  Applied Business Analytics and Decisions --- This course introduces students to decision support models (using optimization and simulation techniques) that are most frequently used in logistics and supply chain applications. The specific topics will include:
1) The role of decision support tools in dealing with a spectrum of supply chain problems.
2) Effective communication of suggested solutions, and
3) Specific models and techniques, including:
a) DC location and network design
b) Optimizing inventory levels in distribution network
c) Forecasting
d) Aggregate planning and resource allocation decisions
e) Product Changes / Economies of Scale
f) Integrating supply chain and demand management (benefits and costs of delayed differentiation, mass customizations)
g) Computation of transfer prices
h) Revenue Management
i) Estimation of product and customer costs to determine total landed cost