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Management and Organizations

MO 315 Introduction to Managing Human Capital
  3 hours Elective Terms Offered: W14
  This course examines the new role of the human resource (HR) function as a critical strategic contributor to human capital management. It is not just for people who want to work in HR. It is for all students who plan to be leaders in organizations. Whereas HR, traditionally focused on hiring, firing, benefits, and training at an individual employee level, this new role for HR is focused on strategy and developing a workforce to implement an organization¿s strategy. This role shift is now common in large corporations, small businesses, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies. It reflects the growing understanding that organizational success depends on the continuous availability of special talent and an engaged workforce. Therefore, this course exposes students to the ¿big picture¿ that captures the intersection of human resource management (HRM) and the organization¿s strategy.  Students will be introduced to the ¿core competency¿ areas necessary to become successful managers of human capital. This viewpoint will require that students learn the functional tools (HR practices) of HR management as well as the broader business issues of strategy and competitive analysis. Students will be asked to look at the HR implications of corporate-level and business-unit-level strategy formulation and implementation. We will also introduce the student to the critical business skills of planning and managing strategic activities, through a general management perspective to HRM. The course employs a variety of teaching methods, including lectures, case analysis, videos, experiential exercises, discussions, interviews, case write-ups, real-life HR VP visitors to the classroom, group projects and presentations. Although the specific activities will vary, the objectives will always be the same: to improve your understanding of how an organization approach to managing human resources can enhance or detract from the organization's overall effectiveness; and to develop your personal competencies as a leader with a skill set for leveraging both personal and organizational human capital.