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Course catalog descriptions for courses offered in the W10(A), W10(B) term.

Law, History, Communication

LHC 688 Washington Campus
  3 hours Elective Terms Offered: W10(A), W10(B)
  Business and the Public Policy Process is designed to provide you with the frameworks, concepts and tools needed to incorporate the public policy dimension into managerial decision making and strategic planning. The course focuses on Congress and the legislative process, the structure of the federal courts, the impact of judicial decision making on business, the federal regulatory process, the organization of the White House, the role of lobbyists and interest groups, and the role of the media in the public policy process.

- Congress and the legislative process
- The structure of the federal courts
- The impact of judicial decision making on business
- The federal regulatory process
- The organization of the White House
- The role of lobbyists and interest groups
- The role of the media in the public policy process.

The course is taught in Washington, D.C. by Washington Campus Staff. The course requirements include:

1. An exam given in Washington, for 25% of the grade (individual work).
2. A group project, due approximately two weeks after your return, for 25% of your grade.
3. A public policy issue analysis research paper of 12-14 pages, written individually, due approximately three weeks after your return, for 50% of your grade. The paper requirements will be posted on the CTools site for LHC 688.
4. Classroom attendance for all sessions during the week in Washington.

Please note that before you arrive in Washington, the Washington Campus Staff will send you a syllabus describing the first two requirements. They will also send you a list of mandatory readings to be completed before you arrive in Washington. Your classroom in Washington will include MBA students from Ross as well as MBA students from other business schools throughout the country. Each school requires completion of items 1, 2 and 4. Item 3 is a requirement for credit for LHC 688 at Ross. The other schools participating in the program will have different requirements for credit in their degree programs.

The January section will be directed by Professor Lynda Oswald and taught by Washington Campus Staff. The other sections of this course offered throughout the year will be directed and taught by Washington Campus staff, with papers graded by Professor Cindy Schipani. Admission is by application.

Program information, registration steps, and additional session dates are available at the Ross School Academic website at:
Further information about the Washington Campus is available at:

LHC688 is offered as an elective only and does not meet the MBA law/ethics requirement.