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STRATEGY 675 New Game Business Models
  2.25 hours Elective Terms Offered: F15(B), F16(B)
  Advisory Prerequisites: STRATEGY 502 or CSIB 502 or CS 502 or STRATEGY 591 or CSIB 591 or CS 591 or STRATEGY 601 or CSIB 601 or CS 601 

The course explores new game business models - business models that are rooted in activities that overturn the rules of the game in an industry. It explores questions such as: What is a new game business model? What determines whether one new game strategy is better than another? What types of environments are conducive to new game business models? What is the difference between a new game strategy and a new game business model? Why do some new game business models fail?

The course should be of particular interest to those who are interested in positions that have a direct impact on firm profitability or that are going into consulting or venture capital. It should also be of interest of those functional specialists (finance, marketing, HRM, engineering) who must participate in business model-oriented activities.

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