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FIN 647 Corporate Financial Strategy
  2.25 hours Elective Terms Offered: W15(A), W16(A)
  Advisory Prerequisites: FIN 580, FIN 615 and FIN 621 
  Corporate Financial Strategy --- This is the capstone course among corporate finance courses. It deals with the co-determination of financial policy and business strategy. The course is divided in three. The first segment focuses on the issues in designing a financial strategy for companies that are growing and expanding rapidly after their IPO. The second segment studies the challenges in designing a financial strategy and a major corporate restructuring at the same time. It includes divestitures, asset sales, going private, and bankruptcy, among other strategies. The final segment focuses on business strategies that are made possible by innovative corporate financial engineering. Most cases discussed are about fast growing companies, companies that face a rapidly changing environment, or companies with drastic restructuring needs.