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Management and Organizations

MO 623 Becoming a Transformational Leader
  3 hours Elective Terms Offered: W15
  It is with great pleasure to announce that MO 623 will once again be offered in the Winter 2015 term. Taught by chaired Professor Robert Quinn on his globally renowned research on organizational change and leadership, the course is designed to help you better lead yourself and others. It will help you to find your life purpose, to learn to better live your values, and to more effectively exert influence. Due to your biological and cultural conditioning, it is normal for you, and everyone else, to be comfort-centered, externally directed, self-focused and internally closed. You, however, can learn to become purpose-centered, internally directed, other-focused and externally open. As you do this, your life will change. You will begin to see opportunity where you used to see constraint. You will begin to relate differently. You will bring energy to others and entice them to exceed their own programming. You will begin to become a transformational leader.

Participation in this class will require that you live from your heart as well as your head. You will engage in exercises of value clarification and genuine dialogue. You will be asked to find and present your most authentic self. As you increase in your capacity to do this, you will also learn to create a more adaptive and effective version of yourself who knows how to invite others to do the same. This means you will become a leader. You will be able to change the world because you will know how to change yourself.

Admission to MO 623 is by application. To enter the course, students must write a statement of interest and commitment. (No more than 250 words.) The statement should demonstrate that you are ready to take the course. Admission will be based on the evaluation of the statements. Please send your application statement as a pdf file to Kira Lesser at (teaching assistant). You will receive notice of permission to enroll through Wolverine Access. Permissions will be granted on a rolling basis. The class will be formally closed when enrollment capacity is reached. In the past, demand has been high, so we encourage you to submit early to guarantee entry to the course.