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FIN 621 Corporate Financial Policy
  2.25 hours Elective Terms Offered: W15(A), F15(B), W16(A), F16(B)
  Course Prerequisites: No credit in FIN 616 
  Advisory Prerequisites: FIN 503/513/551 
  Corporate Financial Policy --- This is an advanced corporate finance course with an emphasis on debt and equity management, security issuance, and distribution policy. Topics include descriptions of types of debt and equity, tradeoffs in the choice of an optimal capital structure; the role of capital structure in competitive strategy; the design of capital structure and securities to control information problems and limit conflicts of interest between different classes of security holders; procedures and costs of issuing securities including initial public offerings, and the determinants of optimal payout policy. The course is intended for those with career objectives in financial management, the corporate finance aspects of investment banking, or general management.