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MKT 613 Consumer Behavior
  1.5 hours Elective Terms Offered: W15(A), W16(B)
  Advisory Prerequisites: MKT 501 or 503 


Marketing begins and ends with the customer -- from determining customer needs and developing high quality products and services to delivering customer satisfaction. The design of a successful marketing strategy requires an accurate understanding of customers' perceptions, judgments, feelings, values, choices and behavior. High performance businesses use this knowledge as a focal point in their product and service development and delivery.


The objectives of the course are:

(1) to introduce the student to concepts, theories, models, and techniques aimed at understanding customers;

(2) to provide the student with specific tools to generate knowledge about customers; and

(3) to translate an understanding of customer perceptions, judgments, and choices into action-implications by developing and evaluating marketing strategies intended to influence consumer behavior.


This course will combine classroom lectures, discussions, readings, cases, and individual and group research projects designed to apply the course concepts. The course will emphasize the students' ability to both understand the course materials and translate them into action.

Prerequisite: Marketing Core Course 501 or 503 or consent of instructor