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MKT 610 Strategic Sales Management
  3 hours Elective Terms Offered: W13
  Course Prerequisites: No credit in MKT 609 
  Advisory Prerequisites: MKT 501 or 503 or 591 

Course Description

Nearly every firm needs a physical saleforce to sell its goods or services.  The course teaches you how to set up and run a salesforce.  Things we discuss include issues of salesforce size, sales territory design, sales forecasting, selecting salespeople, motivating the salesforce, and compensating the salesforce.  A major component of the course is to develop a complete saleforce plan for a firm from scratch.

Course Format

The course consists of case discussions, lectures and in-class exercises.  The in-class exercises are important and are very useful since Sales Management is much easier to understand than to practice.


Students are evaluated on class participation, individual take-home exercises, a group project (designing a sales organization structure), and a group sales presentation.

Class Participation and Homework

Students are expected to participate in case analyses, in-class exercises, and discussion of topics raised in class.  A few in-class exercises require some work to be done before class.  These in-class exercises do not have to be handed in.

Prerequisite: Marketing Core Course M501 or 503