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FIN 567 Real Estate Finance and Investment II
  1.5 hours Elective Terms Offered: W15(B), W16(B)
  Course Prerequisites: (FIN 503 or 513 or 551 or 591 or Financial Engineering student) and (no credit in FIN 568, UP 566) 
  Advisory Prerequisites: FIN 566 
  Real Estate Finance and Investment II --- This course continues the development of concepts and techniques for structuring real estate financial deals begun in FIN 566. We focus on advanced valuation, risk management, debt structuring, REITs, construction financing and securitization of real estate assets and liabilities. The objectives of the course are to provide you with the more advanced skills for analyzing and structuring mortgages and real estate deals as well as to deepen your intuition for identifying opportunities and avoiding the pitfalls in real estate.