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Law, History, Communication

LHC 536 Ethics of Corporate Management
  2.25 hours Terms Offered: W14(A)
  Course Prerequisites: No credit in LHC 531 or 421 or BL 531 or 421 
  Cross-listed with: NRE 512 
  Ethics of Corporate Management --- This course, commonly known as the "business ethics" course meets the law/ethics requirement of the MBA program. The course provides a theoretical background of how to evaluate moral claims in business, provides an introduction to the issues related to corporate social responsibility, and discusses how to manage ethics in organizations. Using a framework describing managers' economic, legal, and ethical responsibilities, this course draws upon classical oral theory as well as the most up-to-date contemporary business ethics thinking. Through a discussion of dilemmas of executives, employees, and organizations, the course examines topics such as corporate compliance systems, corporate culture, human rights, corruption, and cross-national business ethics. In this course we also examine ethical leadership in terms of acting on your values in an organizational setting and building an ethical organization.
Class participation is critical, and active interaction has been a trademark of the class. Even the "lecture" portion is very interactive. The full-scale discussion consistently opens eyes to new dimensions of business behavior.