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Law, History, Communication

LHC 529 Social Media
  3 hours Elective Terms Offered: F13
  Social Media and the Changing Nature of Business Communication --- The business communication world has been catapulting into new horizons because of recent technological advancements that facilitate social interaction. Social media has transformed internal and external business communication, such that it is becoming more democratic, open, and participatory than ever before. All of these changes have been happening at a speed previously unforeseen in business communication. Businesses that have been slow to adapt are finding that their business practices are quickly becoming inefficient and outdated.
This course will teach students about the rapidly changing landscape in social media to enable them to adapt to contemporary business communication challenges. The course will be broken down into three parts.
The first part of the course will provide students with the background necessary to understand the key concepts covered in the course. This background section will first provide students with a historical perspective of technological changes relevant to business communication. In addition, students will be provided with an overview of key business communication principles that are critical for identifying best practices in business communication given these recent technological advancements.
The second part of the course will provide an overview of the contemporary digital communication channels that are currently being used by corporations. In addition to examining current usage trends, each channel will be examined in terms of its strengths and potential pitfalls. Furthermore, students will be instructed on how to select the most appropriate message structure, delivery strategy, and argument support for the channel.
The third part of the course will review the "new rules" of business in the era of social media and their implications for business communication. This section will cover topics such as the ways in which communication can enhance corporate transparency, connection to online consumer communities, and interdepartmental initiatives. This section also covers how to organize and display ideas in forms (e.g., images, videos, and infographics) most effective on social media. Moreover, this section will address how the new rules of business affect communication with various audiences, such as employees, consumers, key stakeholders, and the general public. Finally, students will be instructed on the future trends in social media and ways in which they can adapt to the rapidly changing technological landscape.