Course Descriptions

Course catalog descriptions for courses offered in the F09(A) term.

Law, History, Communication

LHC 512 Introduction to Business Law
  1.5 hours Elective Terms Offered: F09(A)
  Course Prerequisites: No credit in LHC 511/515 or BL 511/515 
  Advisory Prerequisites: No JD students 
  Introduction to Business Law – This course presents an overview of the structure and operation of the US legal system, a summary of the major categories of tort liability, and a detailed discussion of the process of making enforceable contracts. Edited summaries of actual court cases will be used to illustrate the points of law involved, and to show how these business problems arise and how they may be minimized or avoided. In examining contract law, we will consider the "common-law" rules developed by the courts, the Uniform Commercial Code adopted by the State legislatures, and the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (ratified by 76 nations). This course fulfills the law/ethics requirement. Credit is granted for either LHC 511 or LHC 512 and/or LHC 513.

This course fulfills the MBA law/ethics requirement.