Course Descriptions

Course catalog descriptions for courses offered in the W10(B) term.

Business Administration

BA 512 Ethics of Corporate Management
  1.5 hours Elective Terms Offered: W10(B)
  Course Prerequisites: No credit in LHC 531 or 421 or BL 531 or 421 

This course, commonly known as the "business ethics" course meets the law/ethics requirement for the MBA program. The course first provides a theoretical background of how to evaluate moral claims in business. This section draws upon classical moral theory as well as the most up-to-date contemporary business ethics thinking. Dilemmas of executives are the primary basis of the discussion. It also examines corporate compliance systems designed in accordance with the Federal Sentencing Guidelines.

The course then looks at ethical dilemmas from the perspective of middle managers, where most students will be after graduation. Stitched within these sections are not only "problems" to be solved, but case studies of companies which have managed to successfully integrate ethics and business. The course concludes with issues of corporate culture such as gender, religious, and race issues in the workplace, and with environmental and historical themes.

The writing for the course is demanding. Three papers are required as well as participation on the web page established for the class. The first paper is a personal reflection. The second is a take-home midterm exam. The final paper is a research paper. The second and third papers can be worked on in teams.

Class participation is also critical, and historically active interaction has been a trademark of the class. Even the "lecture" portion is very interactive. The full-scale discussion consistently opens eyes to dimensions of behavior.

This course fulfills the MBA law/ethics requirement.