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FIN 302 Making Financial Decisions
  3 hours Core Terms Offered: W15, F15, W16, F16
  Course Prerequisites: No credit in FIN 300 


FIN 302 will fulfill the same prerequisites for other courses as FIN 300 currently does.

Making Financial Decisions --- Financial analysis provides a structure to estimate and compare the costs and benefits of decisions made in both our personal lives and within an organization, such as a firm. Students taking this course will develop a foundational understanding of rational-decision making using financial analysis and the ability to apply that framework to make personal investing decisions, allocate capital within an organization or firm, and to determine the value of a firm or any asset that produces cash flow. Students will also learn how to assess risk understand the relationship between risk and return when investing as well as gain a general understanding of financial markets. This course will utilize extensive examples, problem solving, and case studies both in class and in smaller discussion sections.