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Entrepreneurial Studies

ES 250 Introduction to Entrepreneurship
  3 hours Elective Terms Offered: F15, F16

Introduction to Entrepreneurship is designed for all freshman, sophomores and juniors, including non-business students, who wish to learn about entrepreneurship, its role and importance in our society, and how to bring new ideas to marketplace both in the startup and corporate setting. This is an introductory course intended to provide students with a solid foundation on how entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship play a key role in the 21st century global economy.

In the course, we will assess, explore, and critique the world of entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship is approached as a way of thinking and acting, as an attitude and a behavior. Our emphasis is on entrepreneurship as a process that can be applied in virtually any organizational setting.

The principle focus will be on the creation of new ventures, the ways that they come into being, and factors associated with their success. This is a course of many ideas and questions, and you will be encouraged to develop and defend your own set of conclusions regarding each of these issues. This course mixes theory with practice, and you will be challenged to apply principles, concepts and frameworks to real world situations.