Course Descriptions

Course catalog descriptions for courses offered in the W10(A) term.

Law, History, Communication

Department Chairperson: Oswald, Lynda
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LHC 504 Legal Aspects of Entrepreneurship
  2.25 hours Elective Terms Offered: W10(A)
  Advisory Prerequisites: No JD students 
  Legal Aspects of Entrepreneurship --- LAW - Law provides entrepreneurs
with many opportunities for competitive advantage. This course offers
an examination of the issues that every entrepreneur should understand,
from start-up to IPO. These issues include legal concerns that arise
when you leave your current employer to start a business, creating an
appropriate ownership structure, funding the venture, contracting with
vendors and customers, hiring and retaining the best staff, protecting
your intellectual property, and going public.
LHC 506 Corporate Governance
  2.25 hours Elective Terms Offered: W10(A)
  Advisory Prerequisites: No JD students 
  Corporate Governance --- LAW- This course examines how corporations are governed and to whom they should be responsible. Topics include the role of the board of directors: reaggregation of shareholder power due to concentrated institutional holdings; effects of legislation on corporate governance, including laws that permit or require the board of directors to consider the interests of stakeholders like employees, customers, suppliers, and communities. Consideration is also given to international comparisons of corporate governance structures and legal issues arising in contests for corporate control. This course fulfills the MBA law/ethics requirement.
LHC 507 Law of Finance and Banking
  1.5 hours Elective Terms Offered: W10(B)
  Advisory Prerequisites: No JD students 
  Law of Finance and Banking --- LAW - This course examines the law relating to short-term finance (accounts receivable, commercial paper), the rights of secured versus unsecured creditors, bankruptcy and various debtor protection statutes. Statutes and court cases are examined and explained. The method of instruction combines lectures and class discussion.
LHC 508 Securities Law
  2.25 hours Elective Terms Offered: W10(A)
  Advisory Prerequisites: No JD students 
  Securities Law --- This course covers securities law as relevant to issuers of securities. The primary topics covered are: Regulatory structure, raising capital in the securities markets, communicating with shareholders, the role of securities regulation in tender offers, shareholders activism, civil and criminal enforcement, international issues, and insider trading. This course should be of interest to those going into corporate finance, investment banking and to entrepreneurs.
The class will focus heavily on actual and expected types of legal claims faced by corporations and application of the law in actual and hypothetical situations. As a result, many of the class discussions will concentrate on court opinions and litigated fact situations. This course fulfills the MBA law/ethics requirement.
LHC 514 Employment Law for Managers
  1.5 hours Elective Terms Offered: W10(B)
  Advisory Prerequisites: No JD students 
  Employment Law for Managers --- LAW- This course focuses on creating
frameworks for assessing the legal issues in common managerial
situations. We will discuss practical implications for managerial
responsibilities such as hiring, firing and giving performance reviews
as well as common workplace issues like harassment and discrimination.
The goal of this course is to engage you to better evaluate future
employment issues and be a more effective manager.

This course is targeted toward anyone who expects to manage or supervise
others, whether directly or indirectly, in large or small organizations.
The focus is on the standards governing workplace conduct so managers
understand their own rights as well as the rights of those who work for
them. It will be useful for students who intend to run their own
business, aspire to be a manager, work in human resources, or need to
understand employment issues as a consultant. Major topics include:
employee / employer relationships; hiring, firing, and evaluating
employees; employee privacy rights; employee benefits; labor unions and
the rights of non-unionized workers; discrimination, such as race,
disability, and gender discrimination, and the potential the liability
of companies, managers, and individuals employees in those situations.

The class will focus heavily on the application of the law in actual and
hypothetical situations. As a result, many of the class discussions
will concentrate on course opinions and litigated situations.
LHC 517 Law of Business Organizations
  2.25 hours Elective Terms Offered: W10(A)
  Course Prerequisites: No credit in LHC 516 
  Advisory Prerequisites: No JD students 
  Law of Business Organizations --- LAW- An introduction to the legal aspects of forming and operating a business enterprise. Topics covered: law of agency relationships, partnerships and limited partnerships, corporation formation law, shareholder rights, corporate management, expansion, reorganization, corporate control and insider trading.
LHC 522 Managerial Writing Fundamentals
  1.5 hours Elective Terms Offered: W10(A), W10(B)
  Course Prerequisites: No credit in LHC 594 or BCOM 594 
  Managerial Writing Fundamentals --- Fundamentals for managerial writing are central to the course. Students review the punctuation, grammar, syntax, organizational approaches, content development and conventional formats necessary for managerial documents. Goals include writing clearly, concisely and correctly, achieved through numerous writing exercises and by composing a variety of business memoranda and letters.
LHC 524 Persuasive Management Communication
  1.5 hours Elective Terms Offered: W10(A)
  Persuasive Management Communication --- This course presents persuasive communication strategies that facilitate effective management. Specifically, the course covers fundamental persuasive frameworks (e.g. compliance-gaining, conflict management, credibility control) applied to oral and written messages. These frameworks provide a basis for exploring persuasive communication in a variety of management settings. Special emphasis is placed on differing strategies associated with cultural variation, focusing on those most critical for global business communication.
LHC 561 Management Presentations
  1.5 hours Elective Terms Offered: W10(A), W10(B)
  Management Presentations --- This course stresses the concepts and skills needed to give effective oral presentations in professional settings. The course is guided by a theoretical framework that emphasizes strategic communication choices, expansion of communication styles, and adaptation to others within communication contexts. This course requires students to give professional business presentations in each of the four quadrants of management communication. In the course of doing these presentations, students develop outlines, create speaking notes, adapt content, and design supplementary materials. Students also practice questions management and impromptu speaking. By the end of the course, students will be able to design, develop, and deliver management presentations that employ a variety of audience-centered strategies.
LHC 582 Real Estate Law
  3 hours Elective Terms Offered: W10
  Advisory Prerequisites: NO J.D. STU. 
  Real Estate Law --- LAW- The legal distinction between real and personal property; the importance of fixtures in real estate acquisition and development; the nature and use of air, water and mineral rights; the role of easements in real estate development; the types of ownership (general forms such as joint ownership, condominiums, and timeshares, and investment forms such as limited partnerships, LLCs, and real estate investment trusts); contractual arrangements with real estate brokers; anti-discrimination laws, real estate contracts; proof of title and the role of title companies; legal aspects of financing - mortgages, land contracts, mechanics liens; closings; and acquisition through lenses.
LHC 594 Written Managerial Communication
  1.5 hours Core Terms Offered: W10(B)
  Course Prerequisites: No credit in LHC 520 or 522 or BCOM 520 or 522 
  Advisory Prerequisites: Global MBA students only 
  Written Managerial Communication --- This course stresses fundamental theories and strategies needed for effective writing in diverse management situations. The course perspective is that of the manager in a multi-national organization; the course focus is on the impact of written messages on receivers both internal and external to the organization; the course context is communication in the global marketplace, bearing in mind that although English is used extensively in doing business in the world communication is always influenced by culture. Written communication topics include fundamental, such as audience awareness, organizational strategies, content development, and language control; persuasion; intercultural communication; and message channel choices. Although most work is done in writing, students will be able to make effective communication choices and write under time constraints.
LHC 595 Oral Communication Management
  1.5 hours Core Terms Offered: W10(B)
  Course Prerequisites: No credit in LHC 560 or BCOM 560 
  Advisory Prerequisites: Global MBA students only 
  Oral Communication Management --- This course provides conceptual frameworks and decision-making tools managing recurring oral communications, such as management presentations, performance appraisals, and directing subordinates. Responding to cases, participants give individual and term presentations as well as complete interpersonal scenarios replicating situations that managers encounter regularly.
LHC 688 Washington Campus
  3 hours Elective Terms Offered: W10(A), W10(B)
  Washington Campus --- Business and the Public Policy Process is designed to provide students with the tools needed to formulate effective corporate strategies for participation in the domestic and international policy arenas. The course focuses on the process of policy formation and implementation, comparing the United States with other governmental systems. The course also addresses the optimal interaction of business with government in a global competitive environment.
LHC 750 Independent Study Project
  1 - 3 hours Elective Terms Offered: W10
  Advisory Prerequisites: Graduate standing. 
  Independent Study Project --- Independent study projects, supervised by faculty, are available to graduate business students in good academic standing. To select a project, students should consult the appropriate professor about the nature of the project and the number of credit hours the work would earn. Students earn one to three credit hours per project and may elect only one study project in a term. Graduate business students should consult their program bulletins for information
regarding total number of projects and credits that can be applied to their degree. To register for a project students must submit an approved Independent Study Project application, available online.