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Course catalog descriptions for courses offered in the F09(B), F09(A) term.


Department Chairperson: Westphal, James (Jim)
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STRATEGY 503 Competing in the Global Business Environment
  1.5 hours Core Terms Offered: F09(B), F09(A)
  The World Economy --- The march of globalization continues, and international markets are pivotal to the operations of virtually all corporations. As companies intensify their international presence, the need to understand the economic and political challenges associated with the global environment increases. Such challenges are the focus of this course. We will explore the theories and concepts that are crucial to understanding the global location and structure of industries, the politics of trade and investment, and the impact of globalization on firm strategy. Various learning methods are used in the course, including in-class lectures, discussion of current events in the world economy, and case analysis.
STRATEGY 574 Strategic Management Consulting
  1.5 hours Elective Terms Offered: F09(A)
  Advisory Prerequisites: STRATEGY 502 
  Strategic Management Consulting --- This course is intended for students interested in an accounting, technology services, or management consulting career, or who intend to do consulting within a firm. The objectives of the course are to understand the role of a consultant; gain firsthand knowledge of the methodologies used on the management consulting process; develop the skills to build a client relationship; learn to market consulting services; overcome barriers to implementing a project; and gain the ability to advise senior management of solutions. This course will apply a 5-stop consulting process model to provide students an understanding of the consulting process.
STRATEGY 601 Corporate Strategy
  3 hours Core Terms Offered: F09
  Course Prerequisites: ACC 501 and no credit in STRATEGY 502 
  Corporate Strategy --- This course focuses on the job, perspective, and skills of the general manager in diagnosing what is critical in complex business situations and finding realistic solutions to strategic and organizational problems. It is designed to build upon previous required coursework in the MBA program drawing upon the integration of various functional and technical areas and providing a "total business" perspective. Since the focus is on pragmatic, action-oriented, general management skills, the course will be taught primarily through the case method.
STRATEGY 623 Global Strategy
  2.25 hours Elective Terms Offered: F09(A)
  Advisory Prerequisites: 1ST YR CORE 
  Global Strategy --- Global strategy is a course designed to enable you to make better strategic decisions in a world in which global competition is growing rapidly. The foundational idea in the course is that even in a rapidly globalizing world there remain significant institutional, social, and economic differences across nations. Instead of viewing these differences as an obstacle to profiting from global business, in this course we will take the perspective that these differences provide the central opportunity in global strategy. Firms that are able to identify and implement mechanisms for bridging these differences will be the winners in the global strategy game. The course encompasses three modules. In the first module, we develop frameworks for understanding differences across countries and mechanisms for evaluating global strategic alternatives. In the second module, we proceed to focus in depth on three generic global strategies - adaptation, aggregation, and arbitrage. We finish with a final module on special topics, including an examination of global strategies for entrepreneurial firms. The cases in the course cover a wide variety of national contexts, including developed (Australia, Germany, Japan, Switzerland, UK, USA) and developing (Brazil, China, India) countries.
STRATEGY 624 Co-Creation of Value
  3 hours Elective Terms Offered: F09
  Cross-listed with: MKT 624 
  Co-Creation of Value --- Thanks to the Internet, and the structural forces
of digitization, ubiquitous connectivity, globalization, social networking, and new communications and information modalities, interactions between individuals everywhere in the system have exploded on a scale and scope as never before. Providers are challenged by the fact that their recipients are increasingly informed, connected, networked and empowered. Armed with access to new information and
communications technologies, individuals are demanding a higher quality of interactions, and are even prepared to insert themselves into the firm's value chain to co-create mutually valuable experiences. The goal of this course is to expose you to an "expanded" paradigm of value creation that leading companies all over the world are embracing. Companies are innovating new engagement platforms and environments of experiences that facilitate customer interactions with a company's products, processes, employees, as well as customer communities, to
co-create mutual value. We will discuss how you can help organizations shift their thinking and practices towards co-creation and help build new management processes and organizational capabilities for co-creating value.
STRATEGY 735 Topics in Global Sustainable Enterprise
  1.5 hours Elective Terms Offered: F09(B)
  Topics in Global Sustainable Enterprise --- This seminar will be taught by a visting practitioner from the corporate, non-profit or government sector. It will address subject matter related to Global Sustainable Enterprise, drawing on the instructor's specialized area of expertise.
STRATEGY 742 Special Topics
  1.5 hours Elective Terms Offered: F09(A)
  Special Topics --- Special Topics courses are used to cover current topics and for faculty members to introduce their current research into the curriculum. Courses are not offered every term, and coverage differs from one offering to the next. When a course is to be offered, the instructor will provide a course description.