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Course catalog descriptions for courses offered in the F09 term.


Department Chairperson: Wooten, David
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MKT 501 Marketing Management
  3 hours Core Terms Offered: F09
  Course Prerequisites: No credit in MKT 502, 503 
  Marketing Management --- This course is concerned with understanding 1) an entity's own goals and abilities and 2) its potential and existing customers and competitors as bases for setting objectives and making decisions about products, services, pricing, promotion, and distribution. The ability to analyze current situations and objectives, recognize impediments, and generate solutions is the foundation for creating, achieving, and maintaining competitive advantage. This is a management-oriented course designed to give students an integrative framework for analyzing marketing programs and making marketing decisions. Leveraging the Business School's action-based learning approach, student teams take an active part in course development by creating cases based on their own areas of interest. The course consists of a mixture of lectures, student case presentations, in-class exercises, and a case-based final examination.
MKT 601 Strategic Market Planning
  3 hours Elective Terms Offered: F09
  Advisory Prerequisites: MKT 501 or 503 
  Strategic Market Planning --- This course builds directly from Marketing Management 503 and is designed to provide an in-depth, "hands-on" learning experience in marketing strategy, planning and analysis. This course outlines key planning concepts and processes using le tures, case studies and a sophisticated competitive marketing simulation game where feedback is provided to management teams regarding the impact of their strategic and tactical decisions. The course integrates marketing decision making within the context of manufacturing and financial dimensions of a business organization. Course participants should expect to use large doses of common business sense and managerial acumen and to rely heavily on sound business and marketing principles in the learning process.
MKT 603 Strategic Brand Management
  2.25 hours Elective Terms Offered: F09(B)
  Advisory Prerequisites: MKT 501 or concurrent 
  Strategic Brand Management --- In almost every industry, strong brands sell more, earn more, and last longer. This course covers the creation and leveraging of strong brands, for marketers, general managers, and consultants. We first learn what makes brands strong, via cases, research, and models. Once we develop a roadmap for building strong brands, we cover the strategy and tactics needed to do so: how to create high awareness and relevant identity; a reputation for high quality and leadership; relevant, differentiating, ownable and motivating imagery and associations; and emotional loyalty. Scores of brands, from many industries and countries, are discussed. Then we get to the smart leveraging of brand investments, via successful brand extensions. Finally we look at brand architecture and brand valuation. The emphasis is on practical, useful, real-world learning. For their term projects, student teams study a brand and strategies and tactics to make it stronger.
MKT 618 Marketing Research Design and Analysis
  3 hours Elective Terms Offered: F09
  Course Prerequisites: No credit in MKT 619, 620 
  Advisory Prerequisites: MKT 501 or 503 
  Marketing Research Design and Analysis --- This course focuses on managing the marketing research process which provides information as an input to marketing decision-making. This requires an understanding of the components of the marketing research process, how to utilize it effectively to obtain relevant information, and how to integrate such information into the marketing decision-making process. We will discuss both the "production" and "consumption" of information for marketing decisions.
MKT 624 Co-Creation of Value
  3 hours Elective Terms Offered: F09
  Cross-listed with: STRATEGY 624 
  Co-Creation of Value --- Thanks to the Internet, and the structural forces
of digitization, ubiquitous connectivity, globalization, social networking, and new communications and information modalities, interactions between individuals everywhere in the system have exploded on a scale and scope as never before. Providers are challenged by the fact that their recipients are increasingly informed, connected, networked and empowered. Armed with access to new information and
communications technologies, individuals are demanding a higher quality of interactions, and are even prepared to insert themselves into the firm's value chain to co-create mutually valuable experiences. The goal of this course is to expose you to an "expanded" paradigm of value creation that leading companies all over the world are embracing. Companies are innovating new engagement platforms and environments of experiences that facilitate customer interactions with a company's products, processes, employees, as well as customer communities, to
co-create mutual value. We will discuss how you can help organizations shift their thinking and practices towards co-creation and help build new management processes and organizational capabilities for co-creating value.
MKT 627 Leveraging Industrial Design for Marketing Advantage
  1.5 hours Elective Terms Offered: F09(A)
  Leveraging Industrial Design for Marketing Advantage --- Industrial Design is becoming increasingly important for brand-building and marketing purposes (examples: Apple, SONY, Samsung). Through a mixture of Lectures, mini-Cases, Guest Speakers and Exercises, this 6-week course will expose students to the principles of good industrial design as harnessed for marketing purposes, and teach them how to work effectively with industrial designers inside or outside their own firms.
MKT 640 Global Supply Chain Management
  3 hours Elective Terms Offered: F09
  Advisory Prerequisites: OMS 551/552 
  Cross-listed with: TO 620 
  Supply Chain Management --- This course aims to develop an understanding of key devices of supply chain performance and their interrelationship with firm strategy. Special emphasis is given to tools and skills necessary to develop solutions for a variety of supply chain design problems and inter-firm and intra-firm coordination issues.
MKT 750 Independent Study Project
  1 - 3 hours Elective Terms Offered: F09
  Advisory Prerequisites: Graduate standing. 
  Independent Study Project --- Independent study projects, supervised by faculty, are available to graduate business students in good academic standing. To select a project, students should consult the appropriate professor about the nature of the project and the number of credit hours the work would earn. Students earn one to three credit hours per project and may elect only one study project in a term. Graduate business students should consult their program bulletins for information
regarding total number of projects and credits that can be applied to their degree. To register for a project students must submit an approved Independent Study Project application, available online.