Course Descriptions

Course catalog descriptions for courses offered in the F09(A) term.

Law, History, Communication

Department Chairperson: Oswald, Lynda
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LHC 512 Introduction to Business Law
  1.5 hours Elective Terms Offered: F09(A)
  Course Prerequisites: No credit in LHC 511/515 or BL 511/515 
  Advisory Prerequisites: No JD students 
  Introduction to Business Law --- Provides an introduction to law and the legal system and is recommended to students with little or no exposure to the common law legal system. Topics include: classifications and sources of law; government regulation of business, including constitutional limitation and the role of administrative agencies; court systems and civil and criminal procedure; lawyer-client relations and management of the law function; the two legal foundations of business: contract and tort law. This course covers approximately the first half of the material in LHC 511.
LHC 513 Law of Marketing
  1.5 hours Elective Terms Offered: F09(B)
  Course Prerequisites: No credit in LHC 511/515 or BL 511/515 
  Advisory Prerequisites: No JD students 
  Law of Marketing --- This course is an overview of the law relating to marketing activities, including relevant international issues. The course takes the student through the legal issues raised by the marketing function, from the initial issues related to product development, through sale of the product or service to the public, to legal issues relating to distribution and promotion of the product or service. Topics to be covered include the protection of intellectual property; the law relating to the sale of goods; liability for defective goods (warranty and products liability law); antitrust law; consumer protection; the regulation of unfair or deceptive practices; and commercial speech issues. This course is designed to have a managerial focus and to provide the student with the necessary tools to make more informed decisions when confronted with legal questions regarding the marketing function. The emphasis is on the prevention of legal liability and disputes and the use of the law to create orderly, defensible business decision-making. This course covers approximately the second half of the material in LHC 511.
LHC 522 Managerial Writing Fundamentals
  1.5 hours Elective Terms Offered: F09(B), F09(A)
  Course Prerequisites: No credit in LHC 594 or BCOM 594 
  Managerial Writing Fundamentals --- Fundamentals for managerial writing are central to the course. Students review the punctuation, grammar, syntax, organizational approaches, content development and conventional formats necessary for managerial documents. Goals include writing clearly, concisely and correctly, achieved through numerous writing exercises and by composing a variety of business memoranda and letters.
LHC 560 Communication Management
  3 hours Elective Terms Offered: F09(A)
  Course Prerequisites: No credit in LHC 595 or BCOM 595 
  Advisory Prerequisites: Graduate Standing 
  Communication Management --- Focusing on oral and written communications managers use to get work done in organizations, participants in this class respond to cases, complete interpersonal/scenarios, give individual and team presentations, run meetings, and write a variety of messages using diverse media replicating communications that managers must produce to perform their organizational responsibilities. Participants learn linguistic and rhetorical alternatives for structuring and delivering content, analytical tools for assessing message effectiveness, and frameworks that facilitate decisions involving information timing, media, selection, and targeting multiple constituencies. Participants also collect evaluative data on their own communication effectiveness using a survey instrument to gather information from external associates as well as through videotape review of in-class performances and evaluations from the professor and class colleagues.