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Business Economics

Department Chairperson: Buchmueller, Thomas
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BE 300 Applied Economics
  3 hours Core Terms Offered: F15, W15, W14, W16
  Advisory Prerequisites: ECON 101 
  Applied Economics --- The development of analytical tools and their application to important economic issues. Refines central concepts concerning competition, economic efficiency and the function of property rights, and discusses the effects of the regulation and the rationale for government intervention in the economy. Other topics include the analysis of capital, uncertainty and monopoly.
BE 311 Public Policies Toward Business
  3 hours Elective Terms Offered: W16
  Course Prerequisites: BE 300 
  Public Policies Toward Business --- This course aims to enhance students' understanding of the role of government in a market economy and to develop students? analytical and presentation skills in discussing antitrust and regulatory issues. The emphasis of the course will be on the economic rationales behind government intervention in markets, the various forms of intervention, and their appropriateness in various contexts. Contexts explored will include antitrust policies, environmental, health and safety regulations. An important part of the course will be spent examining specific business cases with a focus on the type of intervention used in each and the outcome of such interventions.
BE 399 Independent Study Project
  1 - 3 hours Elective Terms Offered: F15, W15, S14, M15, F14, W14, S15, M14, W16
  Advisory Prerequisites: JR.STD. 
  Independent Study Project --- Independent study projects, supervised by faculty, are available to juniors and seniors in good academic standing. To select a study project, students should consult the appropriate professor about the nature of the project and the number of the credit hours the work would earn. One to three credit hours may be earned. Junior and senior BBAs may elect only one independent study project in a term, and no more than three during the BBA program. No more than seven credit hours from study projects may be counted toward the BBA degree. To register for a project students must submit an approved Independent Study Project application, available online.
BE 440 Risk Management and Insurance
  3 hours Elective Terms Offered: F15, W15
  Advisory Prerequisites: MATH 115, junior standing, and permission of instructor. 
  Cross-listed with: MATH 422 
  Risk Management and Insurance --- Exploration of insurance as a means of replacing uncertainty with certainty; use of mathematical models to explain theory of interest, risk theory, credibility theory and ruin theory; how mathematics underlies important individual and societal decisions.