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Technology and Business Innovation Forum

September 23, 2016

HR and Talent Management 
in a Digital Enterprise


Time Topic Speaker Message
8:00-8:30   Continental Breakfast   Registration will take place by B1560
8:30-9:00 Overview and Introductions M.S. Krishnan and 
Ravi Anupindi

-Michigan Ross-
TBIF Co-Directors
Brief introduction to the agenda for day and the company representatives in the room
9:00-9:45 HR in the Information Age David Kryscynski
-Brigham Young University-
Assistant Professor of Strategy
We will discuss and explore HR's role in helping the organization manage critical information as well as how HR can better leverage technology to manage a new generation of worker and a new type of external environment.
9:45-10:15 Talent Practices in the 21st Century Randy Wandmacher
Managing Director
Implications of Digital on talent practices and for the leaders who lead them.
10:15-10:45 Break   Refreshments and networking
10:45-11:15 The Business Value of Joy

James Goebel
-Menlo Innovations-

Would your team be more effective if they believed they were contributing to an outcome bigger than themselves? Would your team be more energized if they could easily measure how much they achieved each week? Would your team be prepared to take on amazing challenges if they felt everyone else in the company is there to support them? What if you could achieve these conditions with simple tools like index cards and sticky dots?
11:15-11:45 How to Tap Your Most Valuable Resource Mary Hinesly and
Amy Young

-Michigan Ross-
Lecturers of Business Communication
Show how digital technology can help capture, build, and broaden the knowledge and goodwill of employees
11:45-12:05   M.S. Krishnan and 
Ravi Anupindi

-Michigan Ross-
TBIF Co-Directors
Content and assignments for small group breakouts

 Lunch + Small Group Breakouts 

(B1564, B1566, B1574, B1576, B2564, B2566, B2574 and B2576) How is digitization impacting your organization's HR and Talent Management? What are the top three challenges in this transformation for your organization? How is your organization planning to address these challenges?
1:15-1:45 Report out All Groups  
1:45-2:15 Broader Platform to Connect with Michigan Ross M.S. Krishnan 
-Michigan Ross-
TBIF Co-Director
Summary of TBIF MAP (Multidisciplinary Action Projects), Executive Education (EE) and Center for Value Chain Innovation (CVCI)
2:15-3:30 Member Round Table
Don Gaertner
-Dow Chemical-
Global HR Systems Director
Forum members will describe view points in their companies
V Balaji
- Tata Technologies -

Mark Fontana - Comerica - SVP Enterprise Data and Analytics

3:30-3:45  Break   Refreshments and networking
3:45-4:15 People First in the Digital Age Paul  Daugherty      - Accenture - CTO Winners in the digital age know success comes from more than just completing a checklist of technology. It hinges on people. Keeping up with changing technology is vital. But today, it’s just as important to evolve the organization’s corporate culture. In a disruptive world, workforces must be built to adapt, to embrace new business strategies and continuously learn new skillsets
4:15-4:25 Debrief of the meeting and discussion of opportunities for MBA projects for the2016-2017 academic year. M.S. Krishnan and 
Ravi Anupindi

-Michigan Ross-
TBIF Co-Directors
What was most attractive about today's meeting; how might we adjust the format? Process for developing a student team project proposal if desired by a member.



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