Society 2030 Consortium
Wednesday, November 13, 2013 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Private Event

The Society 2030 Consortium is made up of academics from the University of Michigan and representatives from companies in a variety of industries. Researchers from fields as diverse as biomechanics, psychology, and business make up the academic portion of the Consortium. And currently, companies in manufacturing, communications, and pharmaceuticals, among others, are committed to the Consortium. We look forward to working together to face the challenges of our shared future.

This consortium brings together the corporate world with the academic world to proactively shape our changing society.  To begin we share cutting edge research and information by world renowned experts about what we now know and what we predict for the aging society.  We convene the corporate and academic consortium members to design a future society that will meet the changing needs of its members.  We identify what change or new developments are needed, what new knowledge might be necessary and develop mutually beneficial research as a team. We envision product development based research predicated on the previous fact finding and knowledge development.  We also envision that this will be achieved through interdisciplinary teams that will pair academic researchers with corporate development researchers and planners.

Contact:Caitlin Johnson
Audience:Ross Community
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