Denise Green - Delhi Morn
American, born in Australia, b.1946
Delhi Morn, 1988
Lithograph, 24 x 32 inches
Impression 4 from an edition of 35
Landfall Press

Alumni Gift

Born in Australia, the first real art pieces Green saw were Aboriginal paintings. She then traveled to Europe when she was seventeen to study art and eventually came to American and became a citizen in 1965. She now uses all aspects of her heritage in her work. The art that she has become most known for comes out of Australian Aboriginal thought in relation to contemporary painting techniques, taught to her by Mark Rothko and Robert Motherwell. This thought process, called metonymic thinking, takes into account the inner world of the artist, which then fuses with the outer material world in which the art exists.

Dehli Morn was produced during a period in which Green was concentrating on strong color and simple shapes. Geometric forms such as the square, circle, and fan dominate her work and are emphasized with bright color, yet questioned by gestural marks and unclear borders. Overlapping of fields create depth and an imbalance of foreground and background.