April Gornik - Edge of the Forest
American, b.1953
Edge of the Forest, 2002
Soft ground, spit bite, and white ground intaglio print, 26.5 x 21.5 inches
Edition 28/30
Pace Editions Inc.

Gift of William J, Lutz and Karen Wicklund Lutz (MBA '78)

April Gornik's muted landscape paintings and prints, always illuminated by a misty, diffused light, recall both the romantic and impressionist approaches to nature. April Gornik lives and works in NYC.

In these three etchings, which wed photography and etching, she silhouettes long-trunked umbrella pines against a radiant light. They seem to bind the earth to the sky, creating decorative patterns that bring to mind Claude Monet's serial paintings of poplars along the River Epte. Gornik's timeless and melancholic landscapes are hauntingly evocative of the Palatine, the most important of the seven hills of Rome and the very cradle of the Imperial City's origins. As presented by the artist, the fabled pines suggest a parade of stately and imposing figures, perhaps alluding to the metamorphoses of natural and human forms found in Roman myth.