Lita Albuquerque - Map to the Map
American, b. 1946
Map to the Map, 1997
Monoprint with oil based ink, 54 x 41 inches
Unique impression
Smith Anderson Editions

Alumni Gift

Lita Albuquerque flourished in California during the mid seventies as a part of the light and space movement. Her work ranges anywhere from large instillations to small intimate pieces. She is most well known for her large ephemeral pigment installations that are executed in the natural landscapes of various locations. All of her work concentrates on bringing the vast cosmos of time and space to a more human scale. It brings the rising flood of data and interpretive theory of scientific cosmology to the public eye.

Map to the Map is no exception. Using metal discs as her plates, Albuquerque creates a monoprint that is her interpretation of celestial life.