Larry Zox - Untitled
American, 1937 - 2006
Untitled, 1972
Screenprint, 82 x 41 inches
Edition 31/48

Alumni Gift

The paintings, collages, and prints for which Larry Zox is best known date to the 1960s and early 1970s. He epitomized a new American art that developed during the period - variously known as Hard-Edge, post-painterly and formalist abstraction. It was characterized by geometric shape and bright flat color read for pure form alone. Zox’s print is also representative of the American print renaissance, which was marked by the commitment of recognized artists to print media, and by energetic print collecting. It also involved the emergence of large-scale prints, in keeping with the scale of American painting, and the ambitious use of screenprinting.

In Untitled, Zox presents a geometric design of acute-angled shapes, shifting in color to produce triangles, Chevrons and trapezoids. The varying widths of the white bands separating color and form further add to a sense of complexity within a deceptively simple composition.