Darren Waterston - Ascension
American, b.1965
Ascension, 2007
Oil on two wood panels, 54 x 168 inches

Gift of the Alumni Board of Governors

Waterston is a native Californian, born in Fresno, educated at the Otis Art Institute in Los Angeles, and currently living in San Francisco. California, more than any other region of the United States, has long been the locus for idealized projections of the American landscape. And yet, while still attending art school in Los Angeles, Waterston studied at the Academie der Kunst in Berlin and the Fachhochschule for Kunst in Munster. Internationally recognized for his unique blend of abstraction and precise attention to representational detail, Waterston draws inspiration for his work from a wide range of sources- a fascination with the natural sciences, an appreciation for a variety of religious and philosophical beliefs (both Eastern and Western), and a long-standing interest in the genre of landscape painting.