Hunt Slonem - Finches Black
American, b.1951
Finches Black, 2000
8-color screenprint, 28.5 x 41 inches
Edition of 31
Stewart & Stewart

Alumni Gift

Hunt Slonem is most famous for his combination of abstract expressionism and representational imagery. He most often paints tropical birds. Slonem can trace his love of birds to his childhood, much of which was spent in Hawaii and as a foreign exchange student in Nicaragua. His paintings and prints are a mix of bold colored still lives and bird patterned canvases.

Slonem has a collection of over 70 exotic pet birds that he uses for models. “Birds are one of the great treasures of the earth that sixty million years of uninterrupted evolution has created in the rain forest. Many are now extinct because of man's astonishing destruction. [These] images are a plea to the viewer to look at these creatures before they disappear from the planet.”