Miguel Angelo Rocha - Cloud
Portugese, b. 1964
Cloud, 2008
Wood and paint, 96 x 360 x 96 inches

Gift of Kathleen J. Crispell (LSA '67) and Thomas S. Porter (MBA '67)

Miguel Angelo Rocha was born in 1964 in Lisbon Portugal, and contiues to live and work there as well as in New York. After compleing his degree in painting from the Faculdad de Belas-Artes in Lisbon, he completed a Master in Fine Arts at the School of Visual Arts in New York. Since receiving his degree in paintin he has continued to explore the possibilities of line, material, and form in his sculptural persuits.

Delicately assembled of cut plywood board, Rocha constructed Cloud with an attention to the materiality and weight for each fragment, applying subtle layers to a semblance concerned with balance and illusion. Rocha investigates the polarity and juxtaposition of varying aesthetics, combining both two and three dimensional methods of art making to present pieces that have the sense of drawing in physical space.