Judy Pfaff - Year of the Dog #10
British, b.1946
Year of the Dog #10, 2008
Woodblock, digital with hand-painting, 38.5 x 86.5 inches
Tandem Press

Gift of Debra and Michael Gelband (MBA '83)

Born in England in 1946, Pfaff is a collage artist on a colossal scale. She is most known for her installation art and began creating it at the period between the Process Art movement and the Pattern Movement. Her large installations are collages that include everything from driftwood and string to glass orbs. One of the common themes in her work is the relationship between the natural world and the creations of humankind and the societies that value those artistic creations. Because of this, influence across the multicultural spectrum can be found in her works. Pfaff also creates paintings sculpture, prints, and other 2-demensional pieces.

Year of the Dog #10 is part of a series of twelve, one for each month in the year of the dog. This year is particularly special to Pfaff because it is both the year she was born, 1946, and the year she started the series. Primarily a sculpture and installation artist, Pfaff uses hand-cut or burned paper to create this collage woodcut. Some pieces are folded or bent; others are so gently tacked down that the edges seem to jump from the background, creating depth in paper that is anything but flat.