Greg Murdock - Guardian
Canadian, b.1954
Guardian, 2000
Etching and aquatint with chine colle, 26 x 24 inches
Landfall Press

Alumni Gift

Murdock was born in Saskatoon Saskatchewan, in 1954. He earned a BFA from the University of Saskatchewan in 1977 and graduated from the Emily Carr College of Art and Design, Vancouver, in 1981. Murdock began working at Landfall Press in 1993.

Richly layered surfaces, suggestive of the process of their making, define Greg Murdock's work. Suspended among those layers are iconic silhouettes, natural forms, geometric motifs, and vaguely architectonic forms. Lines and object appear to twirl, to float in a rendering of these forms and contributes to a linear, drafted quality of surfaces otherwise characterized by painterly effects. The layered appearance which lends the artist's work it’s surreal dreamlike richness is achieved in these printed additions through the multiple process of etching and aquatint with chine colle.