Michael Mazur - Rise and Fall (Single)
American 1935 - 2009
Rise and Fall (Single), 1997
Monoprint with oil based printing ink, 48 x 22 inches
Smith Andersen Editions

Alumni Gift

Born in 1935, Mazur was one of the most influential printmakers of the contemporary era. After graduating from Yale with a BFA in 1959 and an MBA in 1961, he saw an exhibition of monotypes by Edward Degas. This exhibition inspired him to create monotypes, the medium for which he would become most well known. Over the next 41 years until he died in 2009, Mazur created a body of work that was never repetitive. He was constantly changing and experimenting with his pieces; from social documentation to narrative and landscape as well as figuration and abstraction. Although most known for his prints, he also painted and made sculpture.